The only 3 tips you need to follow to stay vegan forever.

In March I will be four years vegan and in these few years, I have learnt quite a few things that helped me create a sustainable vegan lifestyle.

There have been a few social media influencers that came out as non-vegans in the past year so I want to do the opposite – I want to tell you how you can STAY vegan.

I already wrote about why people love to watch videos by people who are blaming veganism for every problem in their life here and it’s a shame they would exploit this healthy lifestyle to get views and money.

I guess not everyone has strong morals when it comes to killing other animals.

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By looking at how I do things and what people who have been vegan for 40+ years do, I came up with 3 tips that will help you stay vegan forever.

Here are three things that I believe can help you stay vegan forever:

  1. Don’t be obsessed with food and diets. This might sound a bit contradictory to most people as plant-based is considered a diet and we do look at what we eat, but I want you to remove animals from being considered food. Now you only have plant foods left. Science is important (I wrote about that, too) but it’s more important that you look at food as fuel. Ex-vegans were going from being keto to raw to fasting and so on. Their bodies were so fucking confused they shouted for help. But not only were they obsessed with the latest trendy diets, but they were also counting calories and ate for their social media followers, not themselves. To avoid going back to eating animals you need to start feeding your body with proper nutritional food and avoid diets where you are restricting yourself and you are avoiding certain food groups because you are afraid they will kill you (no, avocado is not the devil and neither are soy and corn).
  2. Don’t be obsessed with veganism to the point where your whole identity is being a vegan. What is another popular excuse people give for not being vegan anymore? They say that they lost themselves in this lifestyle and all they did was centred on veganism. I wrote about that, too, but in short: I want you to go out there and live your fucking lives without thinking you are a bad person for not wanting to be an activist 24/7.
  3. Get very, very clear on why you are vegan. Why do people buy Tesla? Because they want a futuristic car that is modern and electric at the same time. Tesla owners love luxurious cars that are good for the environment and are practically A.I. on four wheels. Veganism is for people who believe all species are equal and one must do what one can to avoid the exploitation of other animals. If you don’t believe in the definition of veganism, you just won’t stay vegan forever. I bring Tesla up because I know WHY they are my favourite brand and I also know WHY I live an eco-vegan lifestyle.

When you can say that you are eating food because you love food, you are not identified with the vegan label and you know why you believe exploiting and killing animals is wrong, you will be thriving on this lifestyle.

It’s not hard when you know why this matters to you. I am obsessed with making vegans become aware of the reason why they went vegan in the first place. Sadly some forget and go back to exploitation.

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Let me know in the comments if you have all of these things figured out and what other things you would recommend to vegans who want to stay vegan forever.

I will talk to you soon,


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