stop being vegan

So you woke up and realized that this compassionate lifestyle is not making you happy anymore. You may be dealing with sadness, in which case I wrote about how to deal with it here, or you simply aren’t feeling this lifestyle anymore.

First, I would like to know what brought you here. Why did you go vegan in the first place? Why did you believe this was something important to explore?

That makes the whole difference because the majority of vegans who never quit chose this lifestyle because they believe that it is immoral to abuse, enslave and kill their fellow animals.

Those who go back to eating other living beings are mostly people who went vegan for health reasons, or because they care about our environment.

  • What made you consider veganism?
  • What made you so angry that you chose to go vegan?

If your reason for going vegan was simply a want for weight loss or to use less water, then it is normal that you are considering going back to eating other animals.

But if it was your love for other creatures that brought you here and now you are considering quitting, then let’s talk more.

Do you want to quit because you feel sad all the time? I wrote about that already. Do you want to quit because you are tired of being angry? I wrote about that already. Do you want to quit because you feel ill? I wrote about that, too.

If it’s none of these reasons but you are just so damn tired of eating only plants and having to avoid family trips to the zoo, then I want to ask you about your morals.

Do you believe being annoyed is more important than being dead? Do you believe someone deserves to die because you are not feeling happy all the time?

None of us will be happy all the time. Sometimes we will be annoyed by the fact that many stores won’t even have almond milk, forget about vegan cheese and plant-based meats. But at the end of the day, we can find ways to make our lives easier, pigs that will be slaughtered today cannot.

It’s easy to go back but it takes balls to live a moral and ethical life – even when things get tough and we want to give up.

Everyone gives up when things get hard, whether we are talking about working out, eating healthy, being a good worker or living an ethical life.

The temptation is everywhere. There are billboards with steaks on them, celebrities who promote the so-called humane slaughter and not to mention the lack of representation in the media – we just aren’t living a lifestyle society likes.

But is that enough of a reason to give up? Or is that just a test to see how much we value life and freedom, not only when it comes to us but when it comes to the lives and freedom of other beings?

Be an exception, stay vegan. Do the right thing and don’t look back.

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stop being vegan