I love capitalism and wealthy people, I really do. I’m not rich myself but I am aware that it’s not because of someone else, but because of my own mistakes and bad luck (I didn’t choose the family that raised me and taught me about money).

I believe that people who provide value to millions, if not billions, of people, should be billionaires if they can. I believe that the fittest survive and the strongest thrive.

If you provide for billions, you should earn billions.

I know capitalism is not perfect and many people exploit others to gain profit. Some companies abuse and enslave their workers without paying them, just to gain that dirty quick money. But still, you pay for it, don’t you?

Large companies provide jobs for millions of people. Without them, you and people you know wouldn’t have a regular salary.

So no, I don’t hate capitalism and large companies who make money and create billionaires, because they provide services, products and jobs.

If you know how to make a lot of money, you should be allowed and no one should be able to tell you how to spend it.

What I do hate, though, is socialists who believe capitalism is to blame for climate change, that billionaires are bad people who should give all of their money away (at this point I don’t expect anyone to know what net worth even means) and that somehow giving everyone an equal share of money is fair and just.

Not only will wealthy people become wealthy in no time if you spread their hard-earned money around and give it to the poor, but you will lose a precious source of funding for climate research and protection of our nature because they are the ones who are launching satellites that observe the climate changes from above and they are the ones who are helping the world shift to solar energy.

The reason I’m starting this post with praising billionaires is that I feel like I should defend them from people like (most of) you who think that having money means a) you should give it all away and b) you are responsible for climate change just by being rich.

Do you know how much CO2 has Tesla saved to date? More than 4 million+ tons! Their Fremont factory is certified as *Zero Waste* (it diverted over 93% of waste to recycling or waste-to-energy facilities).

So tell me again how Musk is a big bad wolf in sheep’s clothing that should give you all of his money, even though he is saving the planet YOU ruined in the first place.

Do you want to know why I blame you and me and every single human on this planet no matter their income, for climate change?

Because we drive non-electric cars and we buy plastic and we eat animal products and we buy things we don’t need. All of us have contributed to companies and facilities that created climate change – either through what we buy, eat or drive. And it’s not rocket science to start being more eco-conscious. I wrote a bunch of posts about it.

We created these companies we now point fingers at. We gave them the money and now we play the victim. It is the same as women nowadays who sleep with a man but later regret it and call it rape. It doesn’t work like that. If you said yes to something, own it and then do better, but don’t pretend it never happened.

Capitalism is not bad, it created everything you own. It is an idea, a way of living, a result. It made it possible for people to earn what they work for and not be paid equally to someone who doesn’t work as hard as they do, or at all.

Capitalism is not perfect but it’s what humans need to survive.

When you sit down behind your Apple computer that was most likely created by exploited humans remind yourself that you support that exploitation. When you eat that juicy bacon burger while talking to your friends about how afraid you are of the future due to climate changes, remind yourself that you are contributing to climate change as you eat.

And when you spend 200€ at Zara or New Yorker or ASOS, remind yourself of all the energy that is wasted on creating those cheap clothes and where they will end up after you get tired of wearing them – clothes made by abused workers who will probably commit suicide in the near future. Remind yourself of your responsibility for climate change every time you drive your non-electric car and pump gas.

I want you to remind yourself every day that you are responsible for climate change because you are – we all are.

Capitalism just shows who we really are and those CEOs that you blame are just giving you what you asked for. They won’t stop selling oil and coal and gas and meat and cheap clothes and plastic items until YOU stop buying them.

Do you want ethical and moral capitalism? Then start being ethical and moral.

The planet probably won’t be burning in 12 years since we know 12 years ago they said the same thing yet we are still doing better than expected. If we take that as something that can help us breathe and stop this madness that we created, we can actually change something.

We don’t need an annoying 10-year old girl to point fingers at people who gave her parents and grandparents a job and her everything she owns. We need to point fingers at ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with blaming individual companies and industries for creating unethical products and providing unhealthy and harmful services, but only after we have taken the responsibility for giving them our money.

We can do that only after we realize that until we stop paying for their services and products, they won’t stop and change.

And why should they?

They are just doing what is natural for them, and you. They are doing what they can to survive. To thrive. To win.

Are you a weakling? Congratulations, you won’t last long in this nasty game of survival. Because you see, survival is not about fairness and justice or morality or ethics, it’s about toughness and how much we can adapt as individuals to the world we live in.

You wanna change that? Change yourself.

Those companies and politicians who are the bad side of the coin we call capitalism are not exploiting you, they are giving you what you asked for. Until you change what you want and what you value, you will continue being the wheel that will drive the bad side of the capitalism forward.

If you already changed your lifestyle and you are making progress, then congratulations. You are officially allowed to feel angry at others too – because unless you are being the change, don’t be angry at others for not being one either.

If I offended you with this post, I am not sorry. The truth is hard to swallow but it’s better than popping self-victimizing pills every day. You are not a victim, you are a perpetrator.

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