Who are strict vegans and what is their problem?

Strict vegans and the problem with their lifestyle

We often hear about strict vegans and how they are not able to enjoy life because of their radical lifestyle. How awful it must be for them to not enjoy a steak every now and then, or how miserable they must be to not visit the ZOO and see wolves and koalas in cages. They must be so, so unhappy.

Why would they sacrifice joy for this strict lifestyle that is veganism?

Let me ask you this:

  • If someone is racist ONLY one day a week, the other six days the person is good, but on that seventh day, the person allows themselves to be racist and hate people of other races. How would you feel about that person? Is it okay to hate black/Asian/white people one day a week and just let loose? Of course not.
  • If someone kills JUST one person a year, would that be okay or would that person be a murderer? I think you would find it difficult to not report that person to the police, as you know, they murder people sometimes. But only sometimes.

Strict vegans are just vegans; there is no such thing as a vegan that hurts animals once in a while just for the sake of not being so radical and strict. Does being strict mean that we never eat a dessert that has just a tiny bit of honey on it or that we never ride horse carriages? Yes, it means exactly that.

Just like I don’t have a day off from not being a racist or a murderer, I don’t have a day off from not exploiting animals.

If you are one of those people that think that there are two categories of veganism – the strict one and the normal one – then I have to disappoint you that there is just one, the normal one. There is nothing strict in not exploiting animals or eating their rotten flesh. I wish you could see the beauty in living a lifestyle that does a lot not to harm the animals.

Being vegan and being okay with killing spiders for fun, just means that you are not vegan. Many vegans, who are afraid to turn people away from this lifestyle if they appear too strict, would overlook this and tell you that it’s okay, but not me. Uh-uh. I have absolutely no problem with telling you that you are NOT vegan if you continue with killing insects/bugs, riding horses or exploiting animals in any other way. You just aren’t.

It’s not about perfection; it’s about doing what we can. And we can all let animals live. We will never reach perfection. It doesn’t exist. So strict vegans do no exist, who exists are the people who care and are doing something.

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