Is it possible to go vegan if you are struggling with mental health?

struggling with mental health

As some of you know, I used to be very depressed. I was struggling with mental health for ages. It was affecting my life in a huge way because I felt trapped inside my mind without a way out.

Meditation has been a game changer for me; not only am I feeling 50% more in control but I also see the progress I am making every single day.

When I went vegan in 2015, my mental health was low and it sunk even lower once I realized what was happening to other animals.

I felt powerless and useless.

I understand that some of you might be feeling like that right now and it keeps you away from changing your lifestyle. After all, it’s tough living with mental illness, and changing what you eat, wear and do might bring even more stress and anxiety into your life.

Although I struggled a lot in the past and it felt like going vegan made things worse for a while, I quickly realized that not much has changed – not really. At the end of the day, no matter what happens in your life, depression goes much deeper than that and your environment plays a minor role in your healing.

I have seen people have everything they could ever want – wealth, fame, healthy and strong relationships – yet they were heavily depressed, and I saw people who were living in the most disturbing homes but were not depressed or anxious.

Of course, our genes play an important role in how we are affected by our environment but there is much more to depression than that.

I found that knowing all the cruelty and brutality that is going on behind the closed doors where other animals are kept to be killed has little effect on my mental health. Matter of fact, as each year passes I know more and more about these cruel practises yet I am getting healthier.

What could the reason for that be?

  • I practice meditation and thus train myself to be the observer of my thoughts. See, thoughts will come and go as they please but it’s up to me to hold on to them or let them go. Read more about my journey to a steady meditation practice here.
  • I consciously focus on taking action to create more goodness in the world. I may not change my government or other people but I can do good things and walk the walk. I am focused on creating a better world through what I do, say and support.
  • I started therapy. Combining therapy with meditation has been the most helpful thing I have ever done for my mental health. You cannot make progress alone, but with someone who will listen to you and help you examine your mind, you can slowly move forward.

The uncomfortable truth is that we are responsible for our lives. The change will occur only when we decide we are ready for it. It hurts to know there is no one to save us but what can ya do?

Mental health is one of the biggest health issues we are dealing with on our planet. But I want to turn away from urging the media to *represent* us and encourage them to talk about the solutions.

There are way too many articles that talk about what mental health is and how many people are depressed, but we are lacking solutions.

I am not a doctor but the least I can do is inspire you to seek help. I can tell you that it is possible to heal from trauma, anxiety and depression. I may not be there yet but I have made progress in the most incredible ways.

So yes, you can go vegan if you struggle with mental health but only when you take conscious action in making progress in your health. All the information and changes will not affect you so much if you are aware that your mental state does not solely depend on your circumstances but on what you do to handle them.

Don’t give up on yourself if you are struggling with mental health and take the first step today.

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struggling with mental health

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