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vegan fail

Vegan fail. Why many never succeed at staying vegan?

I talk about why some people fail at being vegan and why that is a big vegan fail for the community. We have all heard of people that were vegan for a while but went back to eating animals. The news loves those people and they make sure to tell us about them whenever they can. Being vegan can be challenging, I am the first person in line to admit this, but it is also […]

becoming vegan

Becoming Vegan: The Dos and Don’ts

Today I will talk about all the best and worst things about becoming vegan. I admit – I used to be that vegan who always preached about how awesome the vegan lifestyle is and how it can make everyone’s life better. I was watching vegan YouTubers, whom I shall not name, and agreed with every single thing they said when they called out another YouTuber (or a celebrity). At the time, all I wanted was […]