What I wish people knew about vegans

Today I will talk about the things I wish people knew about vegans. When people think about vegans, they often get the image of someone pushy and angry. They talk about how vegans are so preachy and how vegans don’t respect their way of living (and eating). Today I will try to explain to you, if you are one of those animal eaters that thinks that way about vegans, why sometimes we are the way […]

vegan police

Vegan police here. What mistakes are YOU making?

Pretend that I am vegan police so this turns out funnier, okay? Let’s start by pointing out that I am not an expert on the vegan lifestyle, I just like to pretend I am some type of fun vegan police that helps out those who need my help; I have only been vegan for the past 2 years and most of my experience comes from observing vegans on the internet and studying how they talk […]

new vegans

New vegans! Here are a few tips for you.

Today I will talk about some super important things that new vegans must know about. Going vegan is challenging and often difficult for some people, but rarely you will hear someone saying those words because they think that in order to save the animals and convince people that veganism is the best thing ever you have to lie and pretend that everything will be better once you go vegan. It’s not true at all; at […]