talk about veganism

I firmly believe that most vegan advocates should be using blogging to talk about veganism. 

It’s one of the most effective ways to really go deep inside what this lifestyle is, but it also makes it easier for you. No matter how much time you have on your hands, everyone can blog.

I started doing this type of activism because of my intense dislike of being around large groups of people. The thought of having to go out and be surrounded by humans I don’t know makes me want to bury myself alive.

As a big fan of what the internet has to offer, I quickly realized that I can use my love for writing as a tool to help people go vegan. These past five years I’ve been doing just that – using my strengths and talents to be of service.

I’m not going to help you buy a domain and put together a website on WordPress because there are plenty of humans who are amazing at this – like Pat Flynn. What I will do is give you a few examples on what you can do to talk about veganism after you get your ass on the blogging train.

So here is how you can use blogging to talk about veganism and animal rights:

  • Talk about your journey and share what helped you make the transition. People love to know that someone else struggled, too, and that they prevailed and created a lifestyle they love. 
  • Share recipes and meals that are easy to make. Everyone likes to find new dinner ideas, vegan or not.
  • Interview people who can provide even more value to your audience about how to live a vegan lifestyle. I did that when I talked to Gemma Davis from The Compassionate Road (read my interview with her here).
  • Discover new things with them. Humans love to learn from others who are still learning themselves. The best part about that? We are all learning and that’s why we can constantly share where we are and how much progress we’ve made so far – I share about buying second-hand more often here.
  • Use social media platforms to create a community. I am doing that on my Instagram, where I have a nice little group of people who love what I do and I love providing value to them. I’m also a big fan of Pinterest.

Everyone is different which makes blogging exciting and fun. 

Every vegan experienced a handful of the same setbacks, but every vegan also comes from a different background. When you read blogs – and do just that yourself – you are learning about how to solve one problem in a dozen different ways. 

You know that if one solution won’t work for you, you are still left with 11 others.

I wrote quite a few posts on blogging; from how to grow an audience to what to write about when your head is empty. There really are no excuses left to not get your ass on WordPress and start talking about veganism to people who are interested.

Your people are waiting for you and they will only change when you help them. I know that because there are many people who feel driven to consume my content precisely because I have a lot in common with them.

Only you can provide value to a specific group of people who wants to go vegan but doesn’t know how to do it. Don’t take that away from them.

I will talk to you soon,


talk about veganism