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Being a teenager is hard enough on itself, I cannot image going vegan at the same time and dealing with over concerned parents and mean comments from so-called friends. Who came up with this teenage phase we all have to go through? Thanks a lot, evolution.

Today I want to focus on what every teenage vegan should know about the compassionate lifestyle + I will share with you a few resources that will definitely help you out if you give them a chance.

First, let me remind you that things will get better once you get older and grow out of that awkward looking body you are in right now. Things are changing, emotions are rising, and let’s face it, the world looks like a pretty shitty place right now. I totally get it.

But the fact that in the middle of this chaotic world that you are in right now, you’ve decided to go vegan and do something good for the animals, your health and the planet, shows me that you have a good head on your shoulders and are completely capable of growing into a fully functional plant-eating human that will do great things in the world.

If you are impatient and want to know the tips already, here are three pieces of advice I have for you if you are a teenage vegan:

  • Eat plenty of healthy foods that our Mama Earth produces. There is nothing better than chilling, eating pizza and watching season 5 of Friends, am I right? Yes, we all need to chill sometimes, pizza is very good and season 5 of Friends is the best season, but ya gotta take care of your body now that you are young. Do you want to eat a desert? Try deserts like this one (that also does not contain oil and sugar). Do you want pizza? Make a super healthy one. Do you want to drink something super sweet? How about a smoothie or a watermelon juice?
  • Woman up or Man up! Take charge of your life and realize that now, when you are almost an adult, you need to start taking care of yourself and learn how to make decisions that are good for your life. That also means sitting your parents down, buying each of them a copy of The China Study and letting them know that this is how you are going to live from now on and if they read the book (or watch What the Health in case they are more of a movie fan), they will see that you are only doing what is best for your health. That doesn’t mean you treat them rudely or yell at them, but that you show them that you are a grown-up and are ready to take charge of where you want to go.
  • Choose good friends and get rid of the mean ones. Once you go vegan, you really see who means well and who is just mean. If your best friend of 15 years starts shoving a leg of a dead chicken in your face – and doesn’t stop after you’ve asked her for the 20th time – then you need to let her go. People around us are the number one reason why we don’t do something that we’ve always wanted to do and they are the first ones who will tell us that we shouldn’t do something that might be good for us. When you decide that the life of other animals matters more than people who don’t support your ethical choices, you will thrive and win at life. Here is how to move on and let go of friends who don’t support you.

Yes, I am fully aware that some of you may have very strict parents who would rather die than let you go vegan but I am convinced that with the right attitude and a great choice of words, and time to say them, you can show them why a vegan lifestyle is good and healthy for you.

There are plenty of books, documentaries, and movies that can show them how eating plant-based and living vegan is the best choice one can make, so have a movie night or surprise them with a book for their birthday (or any holiday that you celebrate).

  • Gift them with this children’s book by Ruby Roth. Who said that a children’s book can’t be short, sweet and full of good information? I think That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals is one of the best vegan books ever and for adults who are too busy to read a proper book, this one might just do the trick.
  • Gift them a copy of What the Health.
  • Or a copy of Earthlings if you want to be more daring.
  • Who can resist The China Study? This is one of the most informative books on plant-based nutrition that has ever been written.
  • The Joy of Vegan Baking might just convince your mother to try a more compassionate way of preparing delicious meals. And while we are talking about Colleen, have you listened to her podcast Food For Thought yet? It’s really good.

Find what works for you and your parents, because each parent is different and what might work for one isn’t necessarily going to work for the other.

Let’s get back to you.

There are plenty of teenage vegans on social media that you can get inspired by and needless to say there are thousands of videos that can inspire your school lunch. It all comes down to research and your willingness to gain knowledge every single day that will help you when things get challenging.

Let me know in the comment section how old you are and what your biggest challenge is when it comes to the vegan lifestyle. Also, make sure to let me know if you’ve used any of the tips I presented and if they turned out to be useful for you.



teenage vegan