Is being vegan a struggle for you due to not having the emotional support you need?

I know how you feel because that’s how a lot of us felt when we began our journeys. Most of us have made this change without any support or encouragement from people around us.

Sadly, this seems to be the biggest reason why people stop being vegan. But I know you can do better and not let this minor problem ruin everything you worked towards.

When something matters to us we will do whatever it takes to make it work so let’s see how we can get you through this challenging phase that is making it harder for you to love this lifestyle.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Don’t make a big deal about it. When you go out for dinner and the only vegan option is a salad, just eat the salad. If someone orders a steak or talks about their trip to the zoo, step back and let them do it. Do not make them feel like they are a criminal and they need to be perfect to hang out with you. That doesn’t mean you support their actions and encourage their behaviour, it just means that you choose to be a friend and someone who can inspire them to do better. The best way to inspire someone to choose differently and consider their actions is to live by example.
  • Have honest conversations with everyone. Tell them what your boundaries are and that you are still the same person, you just don’t want to continue eating other living beings. Make it very clear that you want to be respected and that that is the only way you can continue being friends. And if you find yourself in a situation where you are being provoked, here are two things I suggest you do.
  • Find your own (online) community. Internet is a huge place and there are millions of people who would love to connect with someone like you. With all these social platforms I promise you can find your own online support group in a matter of hours. You can even include me in your tribe, ya know, by talking to me on Instagram or Twitter.
  • Create happy triggers. Follow people on social media who inspire you and who post positive content. Have photos of rescued animals as your background and screen savers. Make sure that you are always surrounded by positive images and words. Everywhere you look, you should have something that will trigger a positive reaction.

The reason why we fail at something is that we didn’t try hard enough. Sometimes it may feel like we gave it our all but when we look back we can see how easily we let it slip from our hands.

As I said earlier, I used to be a lonely vegan. I wasn’t always this motivated and inspired, there were actually times when I wished I didn’t know what I know now. It was very overwhelming.

I missed having friends and not being hungry when I went out and didn’t check if a specific restaurant has vegan options. I missed being average and normal if I can use these two words.

But I knew that this was something that really mattered to me. I wanted to handle being the only vegan in my tribe and not let it become a shadow that follows me everywhere.

I want you to thrive and be happy. I really want you to succeed on this lifestyle, not only for other animals but because I know how good it feels to live according to one’s own values.

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