The purpose of life is survival.

The purpose of life is to survive.

How could it not be? Only the fittest survived the evolution of species and the weak went extinct.

Is the meaning of life to love and be loved? Psychopaths and sociopaths would disagree with you.

No matter how much empathy we have, how greedy we are, or how much we want to help others, at the end of the day we each lay in bed because we survived today.

We didn’t die.

You don’t think about surviving throughout your day, you just do it automatically.

But your brain is trying to survive. Your genes are trying to survive.

You might be unlucky and you die within seconds of being born, but still, those seconds before your heart stopped you were trying to survive.

The meaning of life is to survive.

It’s to spread your genes and not die in any form.

That’s why men prefer young fertile women and why women prefer wealthy older men who can provide.

That’s how we survive.

It doesn’t mean we should have babies if we don’t want to, but the purpose is still survival – if not of your genes but of yourself.

We are all just trying not to die.

If we’re lucky, we actually manage to fulfil the purpose that nature assigned to us.

Those of us who are weak will die. Our genes will die with us and one day there won’t be anyone who will resemble ourselves.

The weak don’t deserve to be the champions of evolution.

It’s an ugly truth but the truth indeed.

What do you think?


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