things vegans should never do

Why do some people stop being vegan? Why are some hated? Why do some hate themselves?

I think I have the answers to these questions and I think some of you won’t like them, but I will still write about them because they are important.

I like rules, I think they are important to keep things going and avoid major chaos. Sometimes they should be broken, but usually, rules are simply the key to freedom that we all want.

When you are vegan you often forget about things that truly matter and actions that will make this experience even better, so I want to remind you of them with this post.

Here are 4 things vegans should never do:

  1. Vegans should never forget about their own wellbeing.

I wrote so many freaking posts about this, but here is the main message: If you are dead, you can’t help anyone. Get it? That’s why you need to be a priority in your life and take care of your mind and body before you go out and fight for other animals. If you need ideas on how to pamper yourself, here is a post you will love. But basically, do what makes you feel relaxed and happy.

  1. Vegans should never let hate lead the way when speaking up.

Hate will kill you. Hate will weaken you. Hate will destroy you more than it will destroy the one you hate. Never, ever allow a person to drag you as low as to him them (not my words, Dr King said them). Matter of fact, I have a post with quotes by MLK here that will remind you of the importance of love and compassion. Give it a read!

  1. Vegans should never think of themselves as better than others.

Yes, when it comes to not eating and exploiting your fellow animals you are making a morally better choice. But you can still be a bad, bad person even while eating a tofu sandwich and donating to Mercy for Animals. The thing is, vegans are better than others at one thing – being kind to pigs and mice and rabbits – but we can still suck at other things. You are not better just because you are vegan; there is still so much you need to improve in your life – as do I.

  1. Vegans should never stop evolving.

If you think becoming a vegan is the goal, you are sadly wrong. This, lovely, is just the beginning of a new chapter in your big book called Life. It’s a bonus, a new story to add. But you will evolve and change and grow – you will not be the same person 20 years from now, no matter how vegan you are. I want to encourage you to learn new things, find new passions and create new paths that you want to explore. You will die soon; you better take every chance you still have to live the life you have always wanted.

Here you go, my love.

These weren’t so scary and controversial as you thought they would be, huh?

That’s because I know what people often forget about and I like to remind them of simple truths. I love when they do that for me, too, so I’m just doing the work I want others doing as well.

You have this one unique life and you have no idea what it is and what is out there. Why be limited? Why do things that make living harder than it has to be?

I hope you were reminded of something today. Of something that you forgot while you were fighting for those who are oppressed and abused. I hope you were reminded that without these 4 rules being vegan kind of sucks, to be honest.

I am here for you and I have your back. I will always be here to bring you back to the truth and make this lifestyle cosy and comfortable. It’s just better to fight for the freedom of others when we are free ourselves.

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things vegans should never do