things you can do for earth

It’s been a while since I last wrote about environmentalism and some of the eco choices you could adopt in your life.

So to slowly come back to these important issues I hold close to my heart, I want to talk about 3 things you can do for Earth because too many of you are using your words and not your actions to be of service to this planet.

I’ve been very vocal in the past about how upset I am at fake environmentalists who blame the government and big corporations for pollution and climate change while not acknowledging that they are the ones who pay for their services and products.

I also gave you many tips on how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, but still, people need help and constant reminders. So who am I to deny you that?


Instead of ranting about how angry social media makes me because it allows people to think they are saving Mama Earth just by posting a photo – while doing absolutely nothing in their real-life -, I’ve decided to share some ideas with you.

Here are 3 things you can DO for Earth, without using your mouth to blame others:

  • Be mindful of the companies and people you support.

Usually, we buy things without the awareness of what the company supports and stand for. We have no idea where the products were made, how they were made, and if the workers were paid fairly. The point is not in knowing every company you buy from, but to be mindful of reading the labels and certifications, and knowing who the famous bad apples are.

  • Remind yourself that you vote with your money.

Every time we blame mass corporations for ocean pollution we are hiding from one simple fact that it’s our plastic in those waters, too.

We are all responsible for species extinction, mass murder and slavery of all animals. That’s because we all voted for those things to occur. If we want less slaughtered pigs, let’s stop eating pork. If we want less plastic, let’s stop buying plastic – or start by reducing.

Every time you buy a product, you are telling that company that you want more of it – you demand they produce more of it in the future.

  • Replace quantity with quality.

Do you really need 5 scarves and 10 hats? How about those 20 shoes and that iPhone of yours that you replace every year even though the one you have still works perfectly? What would happen if we stopped consuming things and numbing our feelings with material objects, and instead invested our money in pieces that last and hold value? The amount of energy that’s used to produce these items is off the charts, not to mention how much we pollute our nature with things we don’t want anymore.

There is nothing more important at the moment than taking care of our planet Earth. It’s the only one we can call home right now and we never know when Mother Nature will turn on us.

Sure, we know many people already suffer due to climate changes, but probably not us. We might be sad that there are fires and floods, and that winters are warm, but most of us haven’t really experienced the mass effects in the same way as people in the African countries have for example.

Do yourself a favor and take care of where you live – and the whole planet Earth – so that you won’t have to immigrate to a place you’re not familiar with just because the one you had the opportunity to protect is now burning or is underwater.

I promise you, climate change will affect you and your loved ones. You can either pretend the future lies in the hands of your government and corporations, or accept that it lies in the hands of everyone who will suffer the most – meaning, you.

Don’t wait for others to save you; you need to do the job. Now.

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things you can do for earth