tips for going vegan 2020

How can you make this decade the best decade yet? 

By being kinder to yourself, Mama Nature and your fellow animals, of course! I know you have a big heart and you crave change, so I want to help you out a bit.

This year is just the start of a wonderful new decade that will go by so quickly. To avoid feeling like you didn’t take every chance you got, it’s important to learn new ways of living and find people, like me, who will help you create positive change.

I can’t help you with finding the right partner or earning your first million, but I can help you create a beautiful vegan lifestyle that will fulfil your need to be compassionate and kind to every living individual – unless they exploit kids, you don’t have to be kind towards them.

I put together a list of 8 tips for going vegan in 2020 that will definitely help you with making this transition. When necessary I linked to posts that I wrote because sometimes a short sentence is not enough, you just have to learn in-depth to understand it better.

I got you.

To not waste the time we are lucky to have, let’s get this wheel spinning, shall we?

  1. Get very, very clear on why you want to go vegan in the first place. If you are doing it because you want to impress someone you like, you won’t stick with it because the reason behind the change can disappear just by getting a crush on someone better. You need something that will stick long-term.
  2. Decide on what your first step will be and start slow but with determination.
  3. Treat yourself well and be a priority. If you are not feeling good in your mind and body, you will fail. I talk more about that here.
  4. Surround yourself with people who support your new journey. They don’t have to be vegan, per se, but they do need to encourage you when cheese just seems too tempting to give up.
  5. Surround yourself with vegans too – whether in real life or online. I talk more about that here.
  6. Eat healthy foods but don’t get obsessed with how your plate looks like. As long as you are getting all your nutrients and calories, you can eat some pizza and gummy bears when you want it.
  7. Start meditating and taking care of your mental health. As normal as veganism seems to you, it can get pretty challenging if you are not lucky and you have to live with family members and friends who make fun of you for being a bit different. I talk about meditation more in-depth in this post.
  8. Learn about how to eat on a whole food plant-based diet and where to get B12 from. Here is a list of books you might want to borrow from your local library.

You just have to remember that being vegan is not the goal; making progress is. I have been living this way for 5 years already and I am still learning about how to do better.

It’s 2020, people. We are seeing so many positive changes being made and 12 months from now we’ll look back and be like: Wow, we started this decade with a bang.

It’s really exciting!

You know you can always talk to me on Instagram or down in the comments, so feel free to ask questions. I am committed to helping you make better choices. I got your back.

I will talk to you soon,


tips for going vegan 2020