tips for vegan activists

As a vegan activist and someone who spends every day putting out content that inspires people to live ethically and shop with compassion, I am passionate about helping others in my position to do better.

My motto when it comes to being a content creator is that: I speak about my experience and I do all I can do to help other vegans do that as well.

2019 will be an even bigger year when it comes to changing the world to be a more kind and inclusive place for all animals, so you have to be ready!

Let us become effective. Let us become those vegan activists that inspire others to join us as well. If we can upgrade our skills and spread the message to even more people, we will live to see the day of animal liberation.

We can’t just talk about what happens in slaughterhouses and in aquariums. We need to step up our game and get educated and diverse. No time for one-dimensional games, people!

Let me share with you 6 tips that I believe can help anyone of you to upgrade your activism and turn your effective-o-meter to the fullest.

  • When you feel overwhelmed by everything you know that happens to other animals and you are starting to feel hopeless and helpless, practice deep breathing or start counting from 1 to 10. It will help you refocus your attention to your breath or to counting, and you will step away from the chaos you were standing in before. Try meditating, too!
  • Put more energy into educating yourself on topics that will be incredibly important in the near future – especially when it comes to animal agriculture and how we (ab)use animals. Research topics such as artificial intelligence, lab meat, and 3D printing of human skin to test on. I love learning through podcasts, and if you want to learn, too, here are some of my favorites.
  • Focus on social media activism as every year there are more people joining Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Teenagers are getting all of their information about the world from their feeds so make sure to produce content that will get in front of their distracted eyes.
  • Become more politically engaged and speak out about where you stand on the political spectrum. A lot of vegans are Liberals but we need Conservatives to speak out, too. If you are on the Right be loud and proud, and share the vegan message to those who share the same values as you do. Animals just want you to not exploit them, they do not care if you prefer red over blue.
  • Contrary to what I said before about focusing more on being a social media activist, try going out and talking to people eye to eye. I tried it a few months ago and it was awesome. It really helped me see what an amazing group of people vegans are when we stand together and how effective we can be when we exchange an informative, kind conversation with a non-vegan.
  • Take better care of your health as you want to be at your best at all times. You can’t fight the good fight if you are sick and lacking energy. Learn more about how to do that by reading my post on self-care for vegans.

I hope you found these tips to be useful to you and valuable to the point of writing them down and giving them a try in the near future.

We want all animals of this planet to be safe and unharmed. That is why we need to prioritize our communication skills and become better at spreading the message of compassion towards all beings.

If you want to join me in spreading the message and showing how living a vegan lifestyle is not only the key to feeling guilt-free when eating your lunch but also being healthier and more inspired, make sure to follow me on Instagram. I post daily.



tips for vegan activists