5 things you can do while you are transitioning to being vegan.

transitioning to being vegan

That weird phase when you are vegan in your heart but not in your actions is one of the most fun things you will go through as a new vegan.

During that phase, you will be learning and growing and observing how other people are doing things, and it will test you how committed you actually are to living this lifestyle.

It took me 11 months to go from vegan in the heart to vegan in action so I know pretty well how to fill the time when you are transitioning.

Going vegan is not something most people do in one day, it usually takes us months. That is okay and you should not feel bad about it. I actually believe that taking small steps is better long term because you are making an effort to learn while some people do it in one night and then fail because the change was too drastic.

Do whatever works best for you and use that time in between to learn and grow. You know yourself best and you should listen to your heart when it comes to changing your habits and in what way to do them.

I want to share with you a few things you can do while you are in that transitional phase because you can take advantage of it by learning. It’s not just about eating more plants and fewer animal products. It’s about educating yourself and creating a lifestyle.

Here are 5 things you can do while you are transitioning to being vegan.

  1. Constantly read books about nutrition and animal rights. Learning about how to eat, what to eat and what veganism even is, will help you gain the necessary knowledge. When you know better, you do better. I suggest reading a wonderful book by Dr Michael Greger titled How Not to Die. If you prefer to listen and learn, then find podcasts or audiobooks that will teach you what you need to know. I suggest you give my favorite podcast a listen, it is called Food For Thought.
  2. Find the support from people who are already vegan. If you love to make friends I would suggest you attend vegan events, but if you struggle with social interactions, make sure you are following vegans on social media. The support doesn’t have to be personal, I also find the comfort in following people on social media and seeing that there are other people who live this lifestyle – even if they are far away. You can follow me on Instagram or on Twitter if you want me to be one of your *supporters*.
  3. Train your mind to lessen the stress. One of the things that might happen once you’ll go vegan is that people will mock you and attack you. To avoid getting pissed at them start practising meditation and calm your mind. I suggest using the Waking Up app. This app has changed my life in the most amazing way possible and I wrote about its creator at length in this post here.
  4. Prioritize your health now. Veganism is not a diet; it is a lifestyle that is based on doing our best at not exploiting other animals in any way. That means that one can be vegan and still unhealthy and at risk of getting seriously ill. I suggest you start eating more healthily and move your body on a daily basis. That way you will be actually thriving as a vegan and you won’t be in the hospital, chained to a bed wishing that you were eating more greens when you had the time.
  5. Do things that you enjoy doing! There are a lot of vegans who become obsessed with being vegan and create a life around that word. They are constantly thinking about how to *hack* their health and how to be the best vegan they can be, instead of wanting to be the best person they can be. Being vegan is not the end goal; it’s just a bonus to our life.

I want you to enjoy this journey. I want you to know that this phase that you are currently in is going to end eventually and you will wish that you did everything you could to make it enjoyable.

Changing our habits and lifestyles is hard. It is fucking hard, I know. But it is also exciting and adventurous and wonderful!

Please remember what I told you: Being vegan is not the end goal; it’s just a bonus to our life. And while you are transitioning to being vegan, you can have the time of your life.

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transitioning to being vegan

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