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How to successfully turn people vegan pt.1

Today I will talk about how to turn people vegan.

As a vegan I know how heartbreaking it can be watching people you love not give a shit about trillions of animals that are being killed every year. That is why I wanted to write a two part article about how to help people to open their eyes and finally change their lives to be more compassionate and kind. I became a vegan in March 2015 and a few months later my dad became a vegan because he watched every single documentary about veganism and animal rights that has ever been made. And because my dad went vegan after I encouraged him to read more into what is really going on in the meat, egg and dairy industry, I hope this article will help you learn how to turn people vegan as well.

One of the most effective ways to encourage people into changing their lifestyle for better is to be an example of a healthy and happy vegan. When people see that you are healthier than ever, that your mind is clearer and conscious cleaner, people will become interested in what is the secret ingredient that they are missing. And when they finally ask you to spill your secret to becoming the best version of yourself, you can enlighten them with your new cruelty free lifestyle that is great for your health, the animals and the environment. When you walk the walk you will be the example of everything you stand for. We all know that too many people talk about the benefits of a certain lifestyle and rarely look like they actually live by it.

It’s like giving advice about being rich when in reality you are bankrupt; it simply does not work and eventually people will see through your lies, so you better become the best version of a vegan person ever. But before you get me wrong, being a great example of veganism does not mean that you must be completely healthy, skinny and know everything about animal rights, but you cannot talk about how veganism gives you energy or shinier hair when you are having neither of them. If you are interested in learning how to talk to non vegans and inspire them to go vegan – I wrote an eBook about it. Check it out here.

What has been your experience like with turning people vegan and showing them the real truth behind the meat, egg and dairy industry? Let me know in the comment section so we can share our own experiences. I hope to see many of your stories about how you inspired someone else to change their lifestyle and I am absolutely proud of YOU for standing up for the right way of living.

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  • Helping others to become vegan is what we all need to do I’m always open to talk to anybody to help them become vegan I run my own Organization for animal rights along with other rights that I believe in and I’m glad other people are doing what they can do to help the animals and humans

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