Turn people vegan in just a few steps pt.2

Turn people vegan in just a few steps pt.2

In the first part of my post on how to turn people vegan, I talked mainly about being an example of a healthy, happy vegan, but today I want to actually give you some examples that you can use and imply when trying to teach people about the cruelty-free lifestyle.

We cannot change people, it is simple as that; we cannot force someone to change their habits if they do not want to and this has been the hardest truth for me to learn when becoming a vegan. You want to help the animals, and with having your eyes open, you are aware of all the cruelty in the world, so you want everyone to change their lives and become a vegan activist – sadly this is not how it works.

Most people would rather stop talking to you than believe that you want to help them, so instead of spending your energy on changing them, I want to encourage you to spend your energy on inspiring them and letting them know about how good it feels to be a vegan through little things.

They won’t even notice that you are trying to teach them about veganism.

  • Join vegan communities in your area and find friends that you can introduce to your old mates, so they will see that you are not alone in this and they will feel more comfortable with the whole vegan movement happening around them. I truly feel like people believe that we are loners and gather together to feel depressed and hopeless every weekend. If you are introverted you can just join online communities and make friends there, but if you are a social butterfly, then go ahead and take some of your non-vegan friends with you to meet your plant-based mates.
  • Focus on helping people and listen to their problems. Sadly a lot of people think that vegans only care about the animals, but if you show them that you know they matter, too, they will trust you more; knowing that someone cares about you, makes you care about them and their interests as well. We are all animals at the end of the day, and caring for all non-human species is super important, but so is caring about homo sapiens.
  • Challenge them to go vegan for a weekend and let them challenge you to do something for two days (as long as it is vegan and cruelty-free, you should totally accept their conditions). Make sure that you take advantage of this challenge and teach them everything there is to know about the vegan lifestyle. Borrow books, watch documentaries, show them videos – get creative. You have two whole days to open their eyes! If they agreed to this challenge in the first place, there is obviously nothing super awful about that lifestyle that would make them not even try it for two days.
  • Every now and then drop the truth bomb. For example, when I play with my niece and my sister is around, I make sure to playfully tell my little niece that fish feel too and that pigs are very, very intelligent. It’s subtle but effective on a long run. And when we watch Bibi und Tina, I always make sure to tell her that we do not ride horses, but we love them instead and take care of them by hugging them.

Have you found something interesting in this post? I would appreciate your comment on what your thoughts are about my ideas on how to turn people vegan, but most of all, I would absolutely love to hear more from your own experience and how you helped someone become a vegan.

Please let me know in the comment section about some of the ways that worked for you and if I missed any other great tips.

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