type of vegan activism

Although today I am mainly focused on encouraging people to take small steps towards living a vegan lifestyle, it was the exact opposite approach that worked for me back in 2014 (read my vegan story here).

Gary Yourofsky was yelling at me, calling me bad names and showing me things that I wasn’t exposed to before. After that, I was so ashamed of my past actions that I was looking for people that would call me a hypocrite.

Hey, different approaches work for different people and sometimes we do need to be screamed at.

That’s why I have a very hard time judging vegan activists who are a bit too loud and maybe slightly obnoxious.

Clearly it worked on me which means it will work for someone else too – and if that means fewer non-human animals being killed, sign me up.

Sure, there are things that are plain stupid and awful, like throwing paint on people who wear fur coats and screaming at random people who are not interested in debating you in the middle of the city centre. But there will always be bad seeds, no matter what type of activism we are talking about.

At the core of every action should be compassion and peacefulness. I believe that our passionate approach is less annoying when you are respectful towards people and you are not aggressive.

I resonate more with independent activism, meaning I love to work alone and be by myself. I write and create content for people who are interested in the vegan lifestyle, and I do what is in my power to take advantage of social media and the internet.

My father, who is a police officer, does a different form of activism. He talks to his coworkers about the death industries, brings them books and talks to them during lunchtime. He also writes about it in his books and mentions it when he gives talks at different events. It works for him because he is an extrovert who loves to be around people and communicate.

You may want to be more radical and break inside facilities, rescue the innocent, show graphic footage to people on the street, debate on stages etc.

Whatever makes you happy and comfortable, do that. It will take a lot of patience and courage and effort before we see the impact we have made, so we might as well love what we do and be good at it.

The only way to be good at it is by doing what we do best – for me that’s writing and creating content, for my dad it’s talking to people in person.

There are trillions of non-human animals that depend on you so choose the best type of vegan activism that works for you. And never stop.


type of vegan activism