Vegan beauty tips from vegan beauty Instagrammers.

Being a new vegan and finding out that half of your makeup is not vegan can be painful, but not if you have experienced vegan beauty artists ready to give you the best tips.

Beauty and fashion have never been my thing or at least something that I had much interest in. But one of the main things for many vegan women when they go vegan is learning about how to buy good and affordable vegan products.

I know that I personally found it a bit difficult at first because I had no idea which brands were vegan and if I could even afford them. There are so many questions that I wish I had the answer to in the beginning.

So today I am bringing you vegan beauty tips from vegan beauty Instagrammers that contributed their knowledge to this post.

Are you ready to get all the best vegan beauty tips that especially new vegans must know about?

  1. What should new vegans know before starting to transition their make-up to be completely vegan and cruelty-free?

RachelBlockwell: New vegans should know that you don’t have to be 100% vegan straight away. You can start by researching what brands are cruelty-free and vegan and slowly phase out everything else. It’s actually surprising how many brands are cruelty-free and have vegan-friendly products. Also, just because something has vegan ingredients it does not make it cruelty-free and vice versa.

SophiaAloui_: I think it’s important to be patient with yourself. Making a massive switch, in skincare and diet, is difficult. This is particularly the case in skincare and makeup because you want products that will do what you want them to do. I suggest researching your heart out. There’s so much great advice on Pinterest. As for actual products, I tend to stick to natural oils and really basic products because they are vegan but also super powerful. I’ve tried to ditch any chemicals from my skincare routine.

VegMakeupForDays: Everyone makes mistakes, and yes, it can be hard at first. Just take your time, start reading labels, and start Googling. There’s plenty of apps, websites, or various search engines which can help someone find out if an ingredient is from an animal or a plant-based source; or if a brand is cruelty-free.

ThingsThatGrowBlog: You have to do your research. Brands will often try to be vague about whether they test on animals so look out for the leaping bunny sign or check if its PETA approved. Also, remember that beauty companies that trade in China will test on animals.

CompassionIsTheFashion: That veganism isn’t sacrifice. Luckily there are now so many brands that are cruelty-free and vegan and they all have such good quality products so you don’t have to worry about missing out because there’s no such thing! I would also tell a new vegan not to make the transition in their makeup overnight. This could make the process overwhelming and could also be wasteful, just take it slow and replace each product when it runs out & enjoy the journey of finding new cruelty free and vegan products.

FranklinMakeup: This process will take time! To throw every cosmetic item one has in the trash and begin from scratch isn’t realistic for the vast majority of consumers. Use the items that aren’t vegan or CF till they’re gone, then simply do not repurchase. Alternatively, you can always donate gently used makeup to women’s shelters (sanitize beforehand), or friends and family. Conduct as much research into what cosmetic ingredients are animal derived and what cosmetic animal testing is. There is an atelier of blogs and sites that are at your disposal; use them to your advantage!

  1. Are there any vegan and CF beauty brands that you loved before going vegan?

RachelBlockwell: Kat Von D Beauty and Lime Crime. These were my two favourite brands before I even went vegan.

SophiaAloui_: I’ve always been a huge fan of Lush and The Body Shop for pampering things. If not, I tend to order pure oils, such as rosehip oil and witch hazel in bulk off of certified suppliers on eBay.

VegMakeupForDays: I personally went vegetarian when I was a kid, but began choosing vegan and cruelty-free products before I even knew I wanted to go vegan. I loved Urban Decay the moment I discovered it, and I would buy their makeup on sale whenever I could. I also loved Lime Crime, Giovanni hair care products and a few items I would find in my store. This was a decent amount of time ago when finding vegan and cruelty-free options wasn’t nearly as easy as it can be today.

ThingsThatGrowBlog: Even before going vegan I used lots of cruelty-free brands. I used to use Charlotte Tilbury make-up, Hourglass and Glossier. Nowadays, I mainly use green beauty brands such as Inika and Axiology. Plus, there are some really great skincare brands out there like A´kin, Herbivore and Skin and Tonic.

CompassionIsTheFashion: Honestly, no. Luckily my favourite brands were already cruelty-free, such as Urban Decay and Too Faced. Other than that I had a couple of MAC products but I found them a little overrated anyway.

FranklinMakeup: I love Cover FX!!!!!!  I was so delighted to find out the whole line was vegan and CF when I became vegan and started transitioning my Pro kit. The illuminating cover drops are staples in my kit for body makeup on my brides, along with the matte setting powder. It ensures my bridal client’s makeup will last through all the partying.

  1. What is the biggest vegan beauty myth that you have heard and why is it important that people know it isn’t true?

RachelBlockwell: That all vegans have perfectly glowy, imperfection-free skin! I’ve suffered from acne for most of my life and I expected as soon as I went vegan my skin would improve. This wasn’t the case. I actually found that for the first few months my skin broke out quite badly (probably because it was taking all the nasties out of my system). Now, teamed with a good skincare routine, my skin is much better and the overall tone has improved, but that’s due to a combination of eating well and good skin care.

SophiaAloui_: I think that people assume that whenever something is labelled vegan, it’s just not good enough. The same thing goes for meals/food. I think people need to ditch the stigma with labels and give everything a try.

VegMakeupForDays: I think a common myth about veganism, in general, is that it’s expensive, that goes with finding cruelty-free and vegan products. But it’s really not! Affordable vegan and cruelty-free products can be found in so many places these days. Even drugstores carry affordable brands such as Pacifica, Alba, Dermae, Wet n Wild and E.L.F.!

ThingsThatGrowBlog: I haven’t heard too many beauty myths. But I think there’s lots of stuff that people are unaware of. For example – people always get really upset when they see that dogs and cats are tested on, but that’s very common. It’s out of sight out of mind for a lot of people, but luckily with the Internet and social media, more people are starting to realize the horrors of animal testing.

CompassionIsTheFashion: The biggest myth I have heard is that the product quality isn’t as good. It’s so far from the truth: you don’t need animal-derived ingredients to have good quality makeup + most of the ‘best’ biggest brands are already cruelty-free with a range of vegan products. It’s so important for us to take animal cruelty out of our makeup, as for our own vanity it’s just not worth it.

FranklinMakeup: I feel like there are 3 equally misconceived ideas regarding vegan beauty and I too held some of the misconceptions due to my own lack of research. 1. “They’re expensive”  2. They’ll never perform as well”  3. ” They’re hard to find.” However, with just a little research one can easily find CF brands at the drug store with vegan options. Brands like Wet N’ Wild are now labelling in the store all of their vegan products. Most higher end CF lines will have a number of vegan options comparable to and even surpassing the quality of other high-end brands. Charlotte Tilbury and Marc Jacobs are my go to’s for luxury vegan makeup. You can find vegan makeup anywhere, on any budget and it will have consistent quality. We have the wealth of universe in the palm of our hands at all times, there is little excuse anymore for one to not educate themselves, 10 min is all it takes!

I encourage you to follow these beauties who shared their advice and knowledge with us. I am very grateful to all of them for taking their time to answer my questions and for collaborating with me.

Let me know in the comments below, which of these tips you found most helpful and I also want to know which vegan beauty brand is YOUR favourite. Mine is Alverde.

If you happen to be completely new when it comes to veganism, I highly encourage you to read my post on eating plant-based on a budget, as I assume most of us do have a budget when it comes to, well, pretty much everything that we buy.


p.s. – If you want to get even more vegan tips, make sure to follow me on Instagram. I post a ton of tips there every single day.


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