How to handle haters as a vegan blogger

I have talked about being nice and respectful towards people on your blog and social media, but still… what to do when you have a troll that bullies you? The easiest way to get rid of them is to ignore them.

Seriously, if you do not want online haters, why are you on the internet anyway? And why are you a blogger? There will always be haters that will provoke you and write nasty things to you. That’s just how things are on the internet; it’s not realistic to think that all people will be nice to you.

I assume you are still with me on the idea of non-violence and kindness for all, but let’s face it – sometimes you really wish you could grab someone through the computer screen and slap them with the truth. But… that wouldn’t really do much for the vegan movement that is supposed to be all about compassion and love.

You are not obliged to respond and the best way is always to ignore and focus on the good comments, but since we are all different and sometimes we just really want to say at least something to address nasty comments, I have picked a few ways on how to respond kindly.

That’s why I have some great responses that you can use in case of online trolls.

  • Hater: Bacon. You: (we don’t respond to those people).
  • Hater: Pigs taste good. You: So does compassion.
  • Hater: Bitch. You: I love bitches too! I always loved how great mothers’ dogs are.
  • Hater: I need my protein. You: Me too, that’s why I love green leafy veggies. Don’t you just love beans? So delicious.
  • Hater: Slut. You: You meant to say sloth? I love them as well.
  • Hater: The food chain tho. You: I know right, I love how bears that kill humans can just continue with their lives. Not.
  • Hater: Lions kill. You: They also lick their bum, but we don’t want to see you do that, right?
  • Hater: Murderer, what about ants that you kill. You: I do my best not to; do you do your best to avoid killing animals too?
  • Hater: God said we can eat animals. You: Perhaps, but I will wait for him to tell me that in person and not through a book written by humans.
  • Hater: You only live once. You: That’s why I do my best to live a life that is good to my fellow beings.
  • Hater: Cows are stupid. You: Its humans that drink other species milk tough.
  • Hater: I have canines for a reason. You: The reason being that you can eat burnt toast and not rotten flesh.
  • Hater: We are animals too. You: Another reason why we should strive for equality among all animals, don’t you agree?
  • Hater: Meanwhile, children are abused and you don’t even care. You: My heart is big enough to care for animals and humans, how about yours?

Obviously, they are meant to be witty and funny, not offensive or rude. I hope you found them helpful and will use them in case of need.

It’s all about love, my friend. Don’t show them that are you offended, hurt or angry; make a witty comeback, ignore or simply reply with a heart emoji. Show them love and trust that deep down they know what an asshole they are being to you, and that what they are doing is not correct.

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How to handle haters as a vegan blogger

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