What the vegan community should learn from The Avengers.

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It’s a joke, calm down.

The day is quickly approaching. Soon the beloved Marvel characters will say goodbye and, I say this with tears in my eyes, die. Not all of them, just my favourites, you know. Like Captain America, my dear Steve Rogers.

As a tribute to The Avengers and the last and fourth film we will watch very soon in the cinema, I want to look back at all the times this group of superhumans showed me the beauty of working together for a bigger cause.

When I look around our vegan community, I see individuals when I want to see a team work. We have groups within this group and we are still judging each other and looking at what someone else is doing that we aren’t.

How are we going to beat Thanos if we don’t stand together like The Avengers? And as much as I think Thanos has good intentions (don’t judge me), I know he has to go down and so does the cruelty towards other animals.

If we want to create long-lasting change that will create animal liberation, we need to stand together and help each other out. We need to stop being separate from each other and rather find the common ground.

Put your cape and helmet on because we are going to learn from The Avengers how to work together to improve our vegan community and why it matters. So here is what The Avengers do that we should do, too.

  1. Everyone bets on their talents and doesn’t try to do what they suck at. Captain America is strong and fast, Thor is a God of Thunder, Black Widow is a master manipulator and a spy, Iron Man is a genius tech billionaire Playboy, Hulk is angry and strong, Spider-Man is a kid who kicks thieves in the balls, Dr Strange can control practically everything, Scarlett Witch uses magic and Hawkeye is good at shooting arrows (shut up, that counts). Natasha is not as intelligent as Tony is, Bruce is not as fast as Steve is, and Wanda is not as physically strong as Thor. They do what they do best and don’t try to imitate each other. But a lot of people in our vegan community is trying to do what everyone else is doing and it just doesn’t work.
  2. They forgive each other for past mistakes and realize that each one of them is doing their best. Thor made peace with Loki even though Loki pretended to be their dead father and tried to kill everyone in New York, and Steve forgave Bucky for trying to kill him and, well, becoming one of the greatest assassins to have ever lived. We will all make mistakes and we will all fuck up sometimes but we have to look through that and see that we are just human. Life is hard, why make it harder by holding grudges.
  3. No matter how powerful or experienced someone is, they always need each other’s help to succeed because success is teamwork. When Steve and Tony were fighting in the Civil War movie, Tony recruited Peter to be on his side even though Peter was a teenager who was fighting minor crime in New York prior to that. When they fought against Thanos in Wakanda, before half of them disappeared, they needed every single person to fight as one. They didn’t know each other, yet we had a God of Thunder, a Russian spy, superhumans and Wakandan warriors fighting alongside each other. Not to mention a fucking talking tree and a racoon! We are all on different paths but to succeed we need to put our heads together and fight like one.

We are fighting for the same cause and we all believe in the same ending for all animals, so instead of looking at how different we are, search for similarities and where we can connect.

I wrote a similar post where I look at what vegan activists can learn from Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural. It’s pretty similar to what The Avengers are doing and it’s not surprising since all great warriors think alike.

I know that we have different morals and ethics and that we believe in different things, but at the end of the day, we all want animal liberation and in moments when other animals need us the most we should stop pointing fingers at each other and point them at the death industries.

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