Vegan fail. Why many never succeed at staying vegan

We have all heard of people that were vegan for a while but went back to eating animals. The news loves those people and they make sure to tell us about them whenever they can. Being vegan can be challenging, I am the first person in line to admit this, but it is also necessary and the correct thing to do.

If you go into this whole vegan thing without knowledge, passion and belief that it’s going to help you, then you can bet your ass that you will fail sooner or later.

Today I want to look at a few reasons and explain why some people fail at being vegan and what they could’ve done better.

  • Their body needed meat or they were lacking certain nutrients.

Tell me, if your body craved cocaine, would you do it? If your body craved alcohol, would you get drunk? See, when you eat dead bodies of animals your whole life and you suddenly shift to eating foods that are alive and healthy, your body will rebel and make you feel like shit for a while.

I went through it; most vegans have. Your body wants meat because that’s all you ate, not because meat would be some magical food that your body requires for survival.

It actually causes cancer and other diseases; if you read a study that says otherwise, it is 99% of the time paid by the meat industry.

If you are deficient in let’s say B12 – have you read any books on nutrition? Are you aware that your body needs B12 and that in this day and age we cannot get it from natural sources anymore? I always say to new vegans: educate yourself on nutrition and read The China Study or any other book on plant-based nutrition.

See – 4 books every vegan should own.

  • The pressure was too heavy.

I get it. It’s hard being that person that doesn’t want anyone to die; it’s almost funny (almost) how people look at you differently when you stop supporting all the industries that use animals for food, clothes, products etc. You start to feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders, and the truth is that knowing about what animals go through every single second of the day is not an easy task.

You feel pressure from all sides; vegans may pressure you into becoming an activist, your family may pressure you into respecting their deadly choices and society pressures you into feeling like an outsider. It’s very easy to go back (I haven’t but that’s just me) if you don’t know what you stand for and why you went vegan in the first place. I suggest watching Earthlings – it will remind you of the truth.

  • They were taught about the circle of life.

The circle of life doesn’t exist. Case closed. It really doesn’t.

  • Eating plants was too expensive.

If all you ate were avocados, mangoes, and coconuts, then yes, I do believe it is hard to eat vegan. You simply cannot be that stupid to think that eating plant-based means eating the most expensive tropical fruits; the last time I ate any of those fruits was a few months ago. I live on potatoes, rice, bananas, pasta (lots of pasta), beans, salad… you know, the cheap and the healthy.

  • They lost friends.

Mate, if your friends leave you because you don’t want to pay for animals to be killed, then you need some new friends. My only friend at that time ditched me for being too different; now, after almost three years, we are friends again. I always chose the animals, always. It’s like being friends with a racist and then suddenly you don’t want to be racist anymore and your friends leave you because you are not a bigot anymore. Why would you even want those friends?

The truth is that my only real vegan friend is my dad. I love my dad so I’m cool with it. I know I will meet new friends that will be vegan, but until then, I would rather be alone than in the company of those who don’t like compassion.

  • They were against veganism from the start.

I know someone who went plant-based because I inspired them but when I talked about veganism, they would judge me and tell me that I am too strict about it. Whats interesting is that they were convinced from the start that veganism was the reason for my depression. Of course, they went back to eating normally – in their words normally means eating foods that come from dead beings – because their body got weak and sick.

If a person doesn’t believe that changing a diet is good or helpful, then they won’t do it long-term. You cant start eating plant-based but believing that being vegan causes depression and anxiety.

There you go, 6 reasons that are used most of the time by people who failed on a vegan lifestyle.

Those friends who aren’t vegan are respectful and if they wouldn’t be you know what I would do. I think that the real vegan fail is when you betray your values and what you believe in.

If you are one of those people who used to be vegan but then went back to eating animal products, I really do think you can be vegan again, and if you find yourself struggling, you can always get in touch with me. The best time to go vegan is today. Every minute counts and you can always transition back slowly (meaning 3 months max, NOT 3 years).

Be kind and follow me on Twitter and Instagram, will you? I do not want you to become one of those people that vegan fail memes are talking about.


p.s. – If you want to know how to eat vegan on a budget, read this post here.

Vegan fail. Why many never succeed at staying vegan