vegan foundation catrice

Is your skin so white in the winter that you literally cannot find a foundation that works? This is basically my life story and if you relate, read further.

The second the weather gets a bit colder in September and the sun is not burning my face anymore, I have to cry myself to sleep because I will soon start looking like a ghost.

Ever since we moved to the countryside 14 years ago, I have been dealing not only with bad skin but with pale skin as well! I used to have a tan throughout the whole year because we lived on the Coast and now I am lucky if my face gets a bit of color during the summer.

So finding a great foundation that works – or at least doesn’t suck that badly – is so, so, so challenging and hard. But I managed to find a product that works for me just enough to not feel hopeless.

Catrice managed to create this beautiful foundation, All Matt plus Shine Control Makeup, that is vegan and cruelty-free. It also promises to last up to 24 hours which I can confirm is true.

vegan foundation catrice

Once I scrub all the dead skin off my face and get a good night sleep, this vegan foundation really does look nice on my face. Especially when I have a tan and I just need to cover a few spots, it blends in and gives my skin a nice matt look (unless my skin really breaks out in that case nothing helps).

My advice for people who are extremely white in the winter is to mix this foundation (I have 010 in Light Beige) with a bit of cream. That way you lighten it up a bit and even though it loses the color, you don’t look like you are wearing a mask – which will happen from time to time to us human-ghosts.

It also lasts for such a long time if you know how to use it. I buy a new bottle every 3-4 months and I use it daily.

I bought mine in DM, like every other product I wrote about in the past (like here where I talk about my favorite vegan hair conditioner). Let’s face it Europeans, DM has the best range of beauty products.

Although the brand is not completely vegan, it does have a nice collection of V+CF products. Well, none of the products are tested on our fellow animals but some do contain ingredients that come from animals.

Overall, I love this vegan foundation because, after years of spending money on brands that were selling shitty products, I finally found one that helps me just a tiny bit. Hopefully one day they create a shade that is even lighter than the ones available because that would save so many lives of women who have very pale skin!

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vegan foundation catrice