vegan hair conditioner

I was never really happy with my hair if I am honest.

I have a very round face and with my hair being wavy and wild it just makes my face even rounder.

That’s why I never really took care of them. I just put them in a ponytail and went about my day. Which I still do sometimes but I started treating them with care and respect now.

Since I have thin hair that looks like shit if not conditioned every three days, I was struggling with finding a good vegan hair conditioner for years. I tried different ones but all of them made my hair too heavy and just ugly.

So I had to continue experimenting and looking for that one brand that will help me.

The thing with me is that I love nice bottles with pretty colors, and this conditioner I will tell you about today from the brand Langhaarmadchen fit all my criteria.

I bought it for the looks but I use it for the results.

vegan hair conditioner

I don’t write many reviews. Matter of fact, I only wrote one here which has shitty photos and I didn’t expect that many people will read it – it’s actually one of my most-read posts, shockingly.

That’s because I don’t use many products because I am not good with beauty-related things.

But anyway.

I am in love with the results this vegan hair conditioner Langhaarmadchen is bringing me. It makes my hair so smooth that my hairdresser and her products can hide, and it smells so delicious that I want to make a smoothie with it.

It’s made with Acai berries and Barbados Cherries (also called Acerola). It is vegan, of course, and doesn’t contain any silicones or alcohol. I usually buy things that are much more organic and natural, but this one was a very impulsive buy and honestly, I don’t regret it.

I was so desperate to find a conditioner that would make my hair look healthy and shiny that I went with my instincts. I really didn’t expect this one to be as good as it is. I really like my hair now and it is so much easier to style them now that they are soft.

I bought it in DM and it’s a German brand. Seriously, Germany produces some of the best vegan products in the world. They are revolutionary on the beauty market and I love the branding and marketing DM does for all of their products.

You can read more about it here and see their other products. Not only are they super pretty but they are actually really good products that made my relationship with my hair much better.

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vegan hair conditioner