Vegan love. Should vegans date animal eaters?

Before we begin, I just want to say that I am the last person you should listen to when it comes to relationships but nonetheless I will talk about it.

The big question that I have been asking myself for the past three years has been this: should vegans date animal eaters? Is it possible for someone that has a compassionate heart towards all animals to date someone that doesn’t give a shit about animal lives? Let’s find out.

I guess the main thing that one should consider before starting to date someone that is not vegan, is whether or not they would be willing to be with that person in case they never go vegan. Could they live with someone that would buy dead animal body parts and stuck them in the fridge? Could they kiss someone that just ate a steak or a cheese sandwich? Could they truly find happiness with someone that thinks of other species of animals as lesser than them?

Of course, people are different and we all have a different view of the world. Some vegans would be okay with their partner drinking a gallon of milk right next to them and then kissing them (I think I threw up a little bit), while others would be leaving the person behind the first time they’d see them even consider killing a spider. It’s about how much you can handle and how much you are willing to accept.

I suppose the good thing about dating a non-vegan is that you have a chance to help them see the truth and support them on their journey. It would get messy if even after watching Earthlings (full documentary, not just the first 20 minutes) they wouldn’t see a problem with abusing animals though. Just think about it, okay?

There are no rules when it comes to relationships in the vegan world. Everyone is free to date whoever they like, and honestly, I wouldn’t judge anyone. Except if you would be dating a slaughterhouse worker, then yes, I would have a slight problem. But it’s your choice. You can only do good while dating a non-vegan; I doubt you can corrupt someone even more if you are eating your veggies next to them.

Now I will give you some dating tips, okay? Again, remember that I am the last person that you should take any dating tips from but I will do it anyway.

  • Do not mention that you are vegan just out of the blue. It’s not activism, it’s just fucking annoying and they won’t care. Wait for the right opportunity to mention that you don’t like to abuse animals – it’s much more appropriate and lovely.
  • Make sure that you choose the place where you will go to eat. I am not sure why you would go eat with someone that you have just met, but maybe that’s just me because I don’t eat in front of people I don’t know. Anyway, make sure you choose a vegan place and avoid any chances that your date could take to order a steak or a cheese plate.
  • Do not talk about slaughterhouses, and for nature’s sake, do not show any graphic things on a date. I don’t know why you would but ya never know with the youth today.
  • Wear a lovely outfit and make sure you avoid any shirts that say: meat is murder. That’s not lovely and kind; your date would appreciate not being called a murderer on the first date. It’s just not nice.

That was more of a fun post to write; not necessarily something I hope you take too seriously. Like I said earlier, it’s totally up to you who you decide to date and be in a relationship with. Just remember to know your values and beliefs; do not settle for someone that doesn’t fit your standards. And for goodness sake – create high standards for yourself, will you? You deserve only the best.

If you are just looking for friends though – here is a post all about finding new vegan friends.

Share the vegan love and be the vegan love. Do all things with love.


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Vegan love. Should vegans date animal eaters?

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