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I wrote an open letter to Live Kindly and Plant Based News a while ago because I was upset at their irresponsible journalism and countless lies.

I was angry that these two huge vegan news sources were spreading inaccurate news and were clearly biased at times. It just reminded me of how bad journalism is today.

But today I don’t want to solely focus on them, I want to talk about why vegan news sources in general suck and what we can do about them so that in the future, we can do better and actually have a good source of what’s new in the vegan world.

If we aren’t allowed to criticize those that we agree with in hopes that they do better, how can we improve the world? How can we improve the communication we have with non-vegans? How can we create things that will replace the old?

If you are open-minded and willing to hear the criticism of these beloved vegan news sources, here are a few things that bother me about them and what should be changed:

  • Stop claiming certain celebrities are vegan when it is widely known they aren’t.

That was the reason I wrote my now deleted open letter to Live Kindly and Plant-Based News. I was too tired of seeing articles about how Zac Efron and Ariana Grande are these big vegan advocates when it took me, quite literally, only 3 minutes to check that they aren’t anymore. It’s okay for celebrities to not be vegan anymore because there are plenty of those who are and deserve to be highlighted.

  • Please, start using sources when claiming important things.

95% of the time when vegan news sources claim that positive vegan-friendly changes are coming in any industry, there are no sources linked. It’s especially frustrating because they could be talking about medical studies that prove eating animals is unhealthy for humans, but they rarely link to the actual study. Claims are useless if you don’t back them up.

  • Be diverse and not just when it comes to skin colour and sexuality.

Where are articles about Conservatives doing great things for animal rights? Where are articles talking about impossible claims made by Liberals who claim to care for the environment yet eat hamburgers? Was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez eating a vegan burger or is she just another Liberal who doesn’t walk the walk? Is Greta really vegan or is that just another claim that you can’t back up but will talk about because she is a Socialist? Veganism is not exclusively a Liberal thing; it’s an actual movement that includes people of all political backgrounds. Be inclusive or just come out and say that you are one-sided.

  • Hire proper journalists and stop copying each other.

I cannot count how many times I saw an article written on a vegan news source website that was citing another vegan website. It was almost word for word copied and there were, surprise, no sources backing the claims up. Please, for the love of journalism, create original content and do your website justice, because I know you want to be a proper source of news.

These are 4 things that are bothering me about these websites and I truly wish we can improve them.

I am trying to be fair and not go too far in my judgment, because I know the creators of these websites are doing this with good intentions. I know they are just trying to bring vegans some good news about the future of this world.

But that doesn’t change the fact that they lack experience in journalism, as Society of Professional Journalists shows here. People who are writing articles for vegan news sources just aren’t following the code of ethics that should apply to all journalists, not just those who write for the NY Times.

Let’s all try and do better, do you agree?

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vegan news sources