Hi lovely!

My purpose is to help YOU get on track and start saving the animals, that I know you love. I am aware that so many of us do not feel comfortable being outside, protesting, and waving our fists. Its okay.

Here is an easier way to help the animals around the world.

I am an introvert, so I really, really do not like to be around groups of people and the thought of protesting in the middle of the street scares me. Here’s what works for me – being an animal rights activist online. After trying to become someone that I am not, finally, I discovered that I can write and save animals at the same time.

Do not push yourself to become an outdoors activist if you are not a social person, instead, create a website and share your knowledge online. For example, I wrote two eBooks – Vegan Online and Happy Vegan, Angry Vegan.

Here is a fact that just may come as a surprise to you Рonline activism is the future and your message can reach more people in less time. We can achieve astonishing results from effectively spreading veganism across the internet. Plus, we can all create a unique website that will attract different types of people and each one of us will reach a different group of future vegans. It really can be simple.

The best part about being a blogger is that you are serving the world all the time. Even when you are sleeping, someone is reading your post and thinking about how they can change their lifestyle for better. And all you need is 7 weeks or less, with the help of Vegan Online.

Now, you too, can be an activist.