Plant based or vegan? Which one are you really?

Plant based or vegan? Which one are you really?

Veganism is now very mainstream, very popular among young adults and something that Instagramers know will get tons of likes. Teenagers are attracted to the idea of a colourful, pretty and nicely decorated vegan fruit bowls and simple low-calorie pizzas that they can make.

But is what they are doing vegan or simply plant-based? I target the issue in today’s post, so if you are interested in the main difference between being vegan and being plant based… continue reading.

A bit more than a year ago Ariana Grande licked a doughnut that was not vegan and all hell broke loose; everyone started to wonder – was she vegan or not?

Quickly the vegan community recovered and she was once again a vegan queen of the media, someone that we were proud to have in our group. No one mentioned the fact that she still wore leather purses and shoes, promoted products that were not cruelty-free and clearly showed all the signs of someone who is not aware of the cruelty animals have to go through. Ariana Grande was and is still most likely plant based for her health and not for the animals.

And that’s where it gets nasty because being a vegan myself, I see a lot of issues with celebrities calling themselves vegan when in reality they are simply plant based. I already talked about ethical veganism before so you might want to read the previous article beforehand, but to put it in one sentence – anyone who consciously licks a non-vegan doughnut and wears purses made from the skin of a beautiful cow is not a vegan.

And the problem is not with celebrities that seem to not know the difference between being vegan and being plant-based. The problem lays with people who promote it because they know what a huge impact famous people can have on animal rights movement, they turn a blind eye to those that once said they are vegan when they should really say the words plant based.

The problem lies with vegans who are ready to overlook the death of a couple of animals for someone who mentions veganism once a year and doesn’t even walk the walk. It is not just a misunderstanding but a basic knowledge of a person that is really interested in animal rights – like myself and thousands of other people.

Vegan – a person that does not consume animals, or pays for products and items that are made from animals or tested on them. A person that does not support facilities that keep animals locked behind bars and makes a profit off of them. A person that does everything that is in their power to cause as little harm as possible to the animals.

Plant based – a person that eats only plants. 

Hey, if you are interested in learning about some basic tips for new vegans – here is a post I wrote that can help you. And if you want to learn about all the benefits a plant based diet can give you, I wrote about it here.

I would love to hear from you what you think about the vegan vs. plant based issue and make sure you let me know in the comments how YOU think we can solve the problem that is becoming simply unbearable to tolerate.


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