Pretend that I am vegan police so this turns out funnier, okay?

vegan police

Let’s start by pointing out that I am not an expert on the vegan lifestyle, I just like to pretend I am some type of fun vegan police that helps out those who need my help; I have only been vegan for the past 2 years and most of my experience comes from observing vegans on the internet and studying how they talk about veganism to those who are not vegan. Yeah, I get pissed off sometimes and write a nasty reply to someone on Facebook but 98% of the time I can calm and respectful. See, the thing is that I know people already hate vegans and think we are like super weird and I do not want to show them they are usually right.

Here are 3 major mistakes that most vegans continue to make when talking about veganism (especially on the internet).

  1. They only post graphic content and bloody videos. I get it, it’s important that people know how cruel lots of industries are, but do you really think it’s going to help? Most people that follow those who spread graphic content are already vegan, and if someone who isn’t vegan follows you – you can be damn sure they will unfollow soon after see the fourth photo of a cows sliced throat in a row. It sucks but it’s true. You want to spread the message of veganism to the masses and inspire animal eaters to switch to a plant based diet? Start fucking walking the walk and show how amazing YOUR vegan lifestyle is, or start giving useful information out. I wrote an eBook about online activism, so you might want to give it a read – click here to read more about Vegan Online.
  2. They don’t talk about veganism at all! Exactly the opposite from the first problem. There are vegans who have a huge following (and I mean really huge) and I know for sure they are dedicated to spreading the vegan message and absolutely love animals… but they are too afraid of preaching. The only way you will know they are vegan is if you read their hashtags on Instagram or search for an ask on Tumblr from 8 months ago. They don’t even say they are vegan in their bio. Look, I am all for doing what you want but when you are able to spread the message of compassion to hundreds of thousands of people with just ONE photo – please do it.
  3. They are super depressed all the time. I won’t name names but there is a well-known  vegan YouTuber that is sad all the time. She cries and acts like she is with one leg already in a grave, while pleading people to go vegan. When I first went vegan, her videos helped me a lot, but after some time I just fucking couldn’t take it anymore. I was getting depressed too! Imagine how people feel when they see a vegan that looks tired as hell – I sure wouldn’t want to join that group. I know it’s hard, I think that a part of my heart got broken the second I went vegan, but I pull it together for the animals. Because if you don’t take care of yourself first, you cannot take care of anyone else. And yes, I will self promote my second eBook right now – if you want to be happier as a vegan, make sure to check out my first eBook Happy Vegan, Angry Vegan.

There you go. Those are in my humble opinion (not so humble, let’s face it, I always believe I am right) three major mistakes that you are probably making. Like I said, pretend I am some kind of nice vegan police that wants to help you become the best version of yourself.

Are you up for a challenge? I dare you to check out my post about a few of my favorite vegan YouTubers and subscribe to one channel that I recommend.

I encourage you to leave a comment with your opinion on what you have just read and please remember to smile often! You can find me on Twitter and Instagram.


p.s. – I am totally against vegan police, as it judges too much and often forgets to actually help. The two words were just used for fun.

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