myths about veganism

Let’s face it; if you are not vegan yourself you probably believe some pretty weird things about those of us who are. Social media is perfect for haters as they get to demonize everyone who tells them the truth about what they support.

That is normal as we live in a society that makes fun of people at every chance it gets.

But you know what’s amazing? The fact that societies change and grow, and that people learn about other people and why they live the way they do.

Today I want to go through some very common myths about veganism you probably believe are true. I hope my explanations help you understand us a bit more and perhaps even plant a few seeds so that in the future you may order a plant-based burger.

Who knows, anything is possible.

The most important thing is that we have conversations and learn about each other. Nothing will benefit our society more than standing together when required and not point fingers before we actually understand what the other person believes.

If you are ready, here are some myths about veganism and vegans that you probably believe:

  • Vegans hate non-vegans.

Veganism is not about hating those who aren’t like us. Sure, there are people who hate other people because they have different values and habits, but there are billions of non-vegans who hate other people, right?

We may be angry and upset that your choices are immoral and hurt others, but most vegans don’t hate you. We know how it feels to not know how milk and eggs come on the table and we know the only way to change that is by trying to find a way to inform you. We may be angry but we don’t hate you, we just hate some choices you are making.

That’s different.

  • All vegans are Liberals or socialists or anti-vaccines or hippies.

I wrote about that in this post here, but let me answer it here, too.

No, all vegans are not any of these things. Perhaps you are more likely to go vegan if you are a Liberal hippie, but not wanting to exploit other animals is not something that only Liberals or socialists or Democrats can do. I myself am a centrist and I hold some conservative views so I am one of many vegans who are not a stereotype.

  • Vegans care more about other animals than people.

I wrote about that, too.

In short, vegans believe in that radical idea that human beings are capable of caring about more than one issue. We believe that all animals deserve to be free and not exploited. We may not protest for women’s rights every week, but neither are you.

See, you care about multiple causes yet only speak up about a handful. Vegans are the same. We care about everyone but we choose to spend time on those causes that we believe deserve a bit more attention, not because they are more important but because not many people know they exist.

  • Veganism is a cult or a religion.

We do not follow anyone, we don’t obey anyone, we do not worship anyone, we do not have a set of rules to follow that if broken will send us directly to hell, and we do not feel devotion towards any figure or object.

Veganism is a lifestyle, a moral stance. Just like you, hopefully, believe people of other races are not here for you to owe them and abuse them, we believe that other animals are not here for us to owe them or abuse them either.

  • Vegans think they are perfect.

We don’t believe we are perfect and we know we never will be. Veganism is not about perfection as it is impossible to reach it. Vegans may be morally superior when it comes to how we treat pigs compared to the majority of the world population, but we can be just as immoral as anyone else. There are vegan racists and vegan serial killers (probably), so being vegan doesn’t make one a better, more moral, person.

Do you know any other myths that I forgot to mention? You can leave me a comment below and I will include it in my next post. I would love to hear which ones I forgot to include.

Veganism is just a lifestyle that promotes the idea that all species deserve to live free and safe lives, and that it’s not up to humans to decide who lives and who dies. We just want all the animals to live, that’s all.

I know it might sound scary to think about how different your life might be if you become vegan but in all honesty, it’s not that different.

Most of us are still interested in the same things we were interested in before and we have the same hobbies. We didn’t become a different person once we became vegan; we just added a few new habits and ditched a few of the old ones.

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myths about veganism