Is veganism only for the privileged and white?

privileged and white

In short, the answer would be no, but since this is a blog you probably expect me to go into detail about my opinion.

This post was inspired by people who claim that minorities can’t be vegan because they are more likely to be poor and/or victims of different attacks.

Let me ask you to think about how much time does it take away from you for you to not be racist? Do you ever find yourself being sexist because you are too busy? Have you ever supported genocide because you were afraid for your life?

Those questions make no sense, just as asking me if veganism is only for the privileged doesn’t.

We will talk about finances later (read here if you are interested in how to eat plant-based on a budget), but first let’s tackle the idea that we can only care about one problem at a time.

I have 24 hours every day, same as you, yet no matter how upset, afraid or angry I get, no matter how many problems I face throughout my day, I never find myself having a hard time not being racist.

I care about children and I am incredibly hurt when I hear about child abuse but I never stop caring for pigs when that happens. Somehow, contrary to what you might believe, I am able to care for the lives of children and the lives of calves and pigs and chickens.

If you think that your situation, however hard it may be, takes away your ability to feel empathy towards other forms of life, I think the problem doesn’t lie in your situation but in your inability to feel empathy in general.

No matter how hard the situation may be, most of us can obtain from being racist, sexist and Hitler-worshipping pieces of trash.

Those are three different things but you and I somehow manage to not succumb to the lows of hating on someone else for being of different gender, color or religion.

How could that ability to feel empathy towards others stop existing the second I ask you to care about what happens in slaughterhouses?

Is your situation really a problem or is it really that you just want to continue paying for the exploitation and abuse of other animals? What is the real answer?

If we jump onto the finance part now and see how *expensive* it is to be vegan.

Do you know how much medical bills cost for chemotherapy or heart surgery? How much money do people spend on medicine for health problems that could be prevented, or significantly lessened, by just switching their diet?

Do you know how much rice, apples, oats and potatoes cost? Do you know that many vegans live on as little as 1,50$ a day?

Do you even know how much your country spends to treat diseases and illnesses that are preventable? Do you know how much money is spent on obese people?

Meat is cheap but a heart attack isn’t*. Dairy is cheap but potential breast cancer isn’t*. How much is your life worth? How much is your health worth? Will you invest in your health or in your taste buds?

Eating plant-based is not expensive. It’s affordable, possible and done by thousands of youngsters who are living in debt just to get an education. It’s done by travellers and by people in third world countries.

Is veganism for the privileged and white? No, veganism is for those who are willing to look at their plate and do the right thing.

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privileged and white

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