Veganism is a religion? Let me debunk a few myths.

I admit that I was blind until a few days ago, to the number of people who believe veganism is a religion or a cult. I really had no idea that people reached that level of stupidity simply because they think that people who are loud and demand justice could not possibly be backed up by evidence, unlike religious people.

I see a lot of myths going around about veganism and vegans, and because it’s time for another vegan post, I thought I could use this time on the website to address some myths and mean-spirited lies that are being spread around.

  • Veganism is a religion because you actively search for new ways to turn people vegan.

Yes, we do search for new ways to inspire people to go vegan because not eating animals is better for your health, the environment, and no one needs to die for you to live. A religion is based on fear and obedience. Being vegan has a positive and healthy effect on everyone on this planet while being religious does not. I mean, it’s not vegans who are blowing up themselves or attacking gays for wanting to get married. We just demand justice for the animals.

  • Veganism is like a religion because you believe that everyone should live according to your beliefs.

It is not a belief that animals suffer, it is a fact. It is not a belief that eating plant-based is healthier for you, it is a fact. It is not a belief that being vegan is better for the environment, it is a fact. So no, we do not want people to live according to our beliefs because veganism is not built on beliefs. It is built on facts that, if lived according to, affect humanity, nature and the whole of the animal kingdom in a positive way.

  • Vegans have an agenda.

Yes, it is called compassion.

  • Vegans think they are better than animal eaters.

No, actually, we don’t. Do we think that we have reached a new level of compassion? Yes, we do. Do we believe that we are treating animals better than non-vegans do? Yes, we do. Do we think that we are better people? No. The point of veganism is to reach equality among all beings on this planet.

  • Vegans don’t care about people.

If that would be correct, then why do we refuse to exploit slaughterhouse workers who suffer from PTSD? Why do we not eat animals that have been fed grains which could be used to feed millions of starving people? How come we eat in a way that is least dangerous to the environment aka we are not feeding climate change that is the greatest threat to humanity?

Do you know why most smart people don’t go vegan?

  • Because they think that because they are bound to kill animals in the process of living life, there is no point in reducing the suffering at all (for example – when you feed your cat, a cow dies, or rodents that die on the field to get corn to that vegan table of yours). To quote the most beautiful human soul and animal advocate, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau: Don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything. Do something. Anything.
  • Because they want to listen to their bodies and don’t want to push any beliefs down their throat. Aka, it’s okay to push beliefs down an animal’s throat when slaughterhouse workers are slitting it, but not when Metka wants to eat eggs and bacon.
  • Because they do not believe there is anything wrong with exploiting and killing animals. After all, didn’t cavemen do it? You know, primitive people that didn’t use Apple, wipe their ass and wore clothes – everything that you do. So, how convenient to want to be more like humans from a 100.000 years ago when it comes to food but not when it comes to technology and basic hygiene.
  • Because that vegan that told them to consider veganism is still buying from shops that use sweatshops (aka the vegan that supports exploitation of human animals) and is struggling with depression (aka it’s probably because they lack protein). It’s so easy to point fingers at vegans and pretend that you doing all of that + supporting the murder of animals is so much better. Vegans must be perfect if they want to preach about compassion and non violence.
  • Because they hate to identify as a vegan because vegans are preachy, angry and sad. Unlike non-vegans who never preach about drinking dairy for calcium, never market burgers on every platform, never get angry and absolutely never, ever feel sad or depressed.

You get my point.

There are a million excuses that one can use to avoid the responsibility for the animals that died to get on their plate. It’s so much easier to just go to the ZOO, observe zebras and tigers while eating a cow, and afterwards reflecting on how beautiful and intelligent those primates looked in that tiny cage while drinking coffee with the side of pus-filled milk.

An ideal Sunday afternoon.

Let me know in the comment section, what were your excuses before you went vegan? What held you back from fully taking responsibility for what comes on your plate and where your money goes? I would love to hear from you; I always do.

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p.s. – If you are super interested in how to eat plant based on a budget but have no idea how to start, I wrote a great post for you and you can read it right here.


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