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I talk about Colleen Patrick-Goudreau every time I want to inspire you to be a kind vegan. It is something I never thought about before I learnt about her work.

To me, screaming and shouting about murder and rape was effective until I realized it really wasn’t. There are a place and time for every type of activist work, but no one ever lost because they were too kind or too compassionate.

Vegan’s Daily Companion is the first book by Colleen that I read. 

As someone who orders new books monthly and is always interested in learning about things that can help me in my daily life, I knew it was time to dig into Colleen’s work. I chose this one because I liked the format (I adore daily reminders, challenges and stories type of books) and its intention.

The book is filled with stories, recipes, reminders and practical advice on how to live a compassionate lifestyle. It might look like it is meant to be read throughout the year because there are 365 pieces of content that together create a beautiful journey you go through while reading this book, but it can be read in whichever way you wish. 

I was drawn to all the beautiful photographs of our fellow animals, and my little niece loves to look at them before she goes to sleep. She gives them kisses and we talk about how beautiful the individuals on the photos are.

I also have to point out that the stories of rescued animals who suffered in ways we hopefully never will, have touched me to the core. I cried while reading them and felt my heart fill up with passion and motivation to make my voice even louder in the future to help them.

The thing about Colleen’s work is that you feel how much she cares; you feel how much this work fulfils her. There is no doubt that she loves what she does and truly cares about everyone who might one day embark on a similar journey. 

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The work she put into this book is admirable and I salute her for constantly innovating and finding ways to help people who seek a different way of living. The book is not new but because it is evergreen you can read it today and feel like she knew we needed to hear her advice in 2020.

I already knew a lot of what she talked about in the book as a fan of her podcast Food For Thought, but if you never listened to it, it will all just hit home because you will constantly feel like she totally gets you and knows what you need to hear – and perhaps what you are secretly hoping to hear.

Vegan, non-vegan, vegan-curious… this book does not discriminate and I recommend it to everyone alike. Maybe even more to non-vegans as the stories of rescued animals might have more influence on your future food choices than any other form of vegan activism you encounter.

You can read more about the book here and please follow Colleen on Instagram as she is very active there and posts daily vegan content. 

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