Let’s be honest for a second. The majority of vegans you see and meet are Liberal social justice warriors. It’s just a reality that progressive values lead to more people considering leaving other animals off of their plates.

A lot of vegans on social media also appear to be spiritual and anti-vaccines. Vegans are often seen as hippies who wear boho dresses and preach about how nature can heal cancer.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be like them to live this lifestyle. You don’t have to follow them to be taken seriously.

I have witnessed many passionate Conservatives live beautiful vegan lifestyles because they want everyone to have the freedom to experience this life.

The most upsetting part about the fact that most vegans hold Liberal values is that people who are on the opposite side don’t feel welcomed.

They feel pushed aside as if their stories don’t matter. If they speak up about animal rights they get attacked for being pro-life or pro-gun. It feels like they will never be vegan enough to be *forgiven* for not being a Liberal.

It worries me.

The lack of conversations we are having is worrying me deeply because free-speech is dying. We are censoring those we disagree with and that destroys communities we are trying to create.

People are afraid of speaking up. People are blocked and thrown off of social platforms for daring to quote a scientific fact or disagree with how someone is living their life. (I was locked out of my Twitter account a while ago due to 4 tweets that were apparently too aggressive).

That led me to stop identifying as a Liberal myself. I still mostly hold Liberal values and beliefs but I cannot for the love of this world identify as one anymore.

I couldn’t watch how *my side* felt entitled to having the right to ask for the other person to be removed from a social platform. Not for harassing them or threatening them, but for offending them.

I’m not saying that all vegans are like this or even the majority, but it reminds me of how bad it is among people in other groups.

How long before vegans start demanding non-vegans get banned from social media for posting photos of their meal?

If we can’t talk to our fellow vegans about animal rights without feeling hostile towards them for voting Republican or loving guns, how can we talk to people who slaughter pigs every day?

If we can’t talk to our fellow humans who just want peace for pigs, how can we talk to a human who kills them?

You don’t have to be a feminist to be vegan.

You don’t have to be a Liberal to be vegan.

You don’t have to be against science to be vegan.

You don’t have to meditate to be vegan.

You don’t have to drink smoothies to be vegan.

You don’t have to be into New Age to be vegan.

You don’t have to live up to any stereotype to lead a healthy vegan lifestyle.

You just have to believe that other animals deserve to live safe and happy lives.  You have to believe that other animals matter – that all animals matter.

Nothing else is required for you to be vegan and being vegan is certainly not a Liberal thing. It’s not about your political beliefs but about how we want to treat our fellow animals.

So be that rare vegan who isn’t a Liberal and who dares to speak up and risk getting censored because we need you. People who are just like you need you to show them we don’t have to fit in the bubble society created.

Anyone can be vegan. There are no rules because as I always say, the only way to not be vegan enough is to not be vegan at all.

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