Vegans, this can change the entire game for us! IMPORTANT!

If you know who Sam Harris is and if you heard of the Making Sense podcast before, then you know that the podcast has millions of listeners and that, in Sam’s words, one episode reaches more people in one day than one of his books in a decade.

The great thing about his podcast is that he is very open to having conversations with people of all backgrounds and of different beliefs as long as he knows people will find it interesting. Plus, he actually listens to his audience who they want to hear on the show. And the best part is that he has said multiple times that eating meat is morally wrong.

I want you to go on his website, this page here, and suggest a vegan podcast guest.

Now, I think that if we all suggest Dr Michael Greger or Dr Garth Davis we can actually get him to consider one of the two names because giving him too many options might bite us back.

But the point is not in changing Sam’s mind, not at all, the point of this is that we can actually start a conversation about veganism and eating plant-based on a podcast that is respected and hosted by someone who is friends with the likes of Elon Musk and Richard Dawkins!

Here is why we should do it:

  • Sam is active in bringing different guests on his podcast that are interesting.
  • He is not afraid of talking about something that is not in his area of knowledge.
  • He has a HUGE audience.
  • A lot of these listeners are vegan themselves.
  • Sam has been a vegetarian for a few years but then quit because he wasn’t eating properly.
  • He already acknowledged that what is happening in factory farms is awful and immoral.

If you are with me on this and you are a fan of the podcast AND you know that this could bring veganism as the topic of conversation among people who normally don’t think about animals, then go to this page here and suggest Dr Michael Greger or Dr Garth Davis as podcast guests.

Again, here is the page and it will take you less than two minutes but it can potentially lead to millions of people listening to the podcast if we achieve this goal!

Let’s do this!



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