Resources for people who want to help animals.

Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to help animals. I rescued stray animals and gave them a home and cared when they were hurting.

Although I was not vegan yet and my compassion only reached certain animals to a certain level, I always had it in me.

When I changed my lifestyle and started reaching out to other animals as well and helping them, I decided to start sharing what I have learnt. If I share what I do to help other animals, I can help you help them, too.

I put together a list of posts so if you want to help animals, here is your chance to get some ideas on how to do it:

Everything you do and everything you have done has and will have consequences. Now that you know better you can do better.

I would love to see you share this with people who want to help animals, too, just like you. If I inspire you and you inspire someone else, that’s three people already that are doing something good in the world.

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I am sending you lots of love,


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