Resources for people who want to help other animals.

Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to help other animals. I rescued stray animals and gave them a home and cared when they were hurting.

Although I was not vegan yet and my compassion only reached certain animals to a certain level, I always had it in me. There was always a foundation of love and compassion towards those who need me.

When I changed my lifestyle and started reaching out to other animals as well and helping them, I decided to start sharing what I have learnt. If I share what I do to help other animals, I can help you help them, too.

As an animal rights activist, I am passionate about encouraging other animal lovers to do their part. I love seeing how many of you get inspired by my ideas and tell me in what way you helped someone else this week.

To create an even bigger impact and to inspire even more of you lovely people, I put together all my best resources for those who want to help other animals.

I put together a list of posts so if you want to help animals, here is your chance to get some ideas on how to do it:

Everything you do and everything you have done has and will have consequences. Now that you know better you can do better.

To you, it may be a small thing (like putting a water bowl outside for stray cats and dogs) but for an individual animal, this is everything.

I would love to see you share this with people who want to help other animals, too, just like you. If I inspire you and you inspire someone else, that’s three people already that are doing something good in the world.

And if you need some motivation and inspiration in your daily life when you are scrolling down on Instagram, make sure to follow me there. I truly make sure I am bringing you value over there.

I am sending you lots of love,



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