Today I will dare you to watch Cowspiracy this weekend.


This movie changed my life, seriously, it completely changed my life and what I prioritize on a daily basis. Cowspiracy follows a filmmaker Kip Andersen seeking the truth about our environment and what is the leading cause of it; coming to the conclusion that eating animals is the knife we are putting in our Mother Earths back and that none of the big names give a damn about speaking out the truth. It is scary and terrifying to witness how many people lie straight to the camera about not knowing the leading cause of climate change. A documentary opens a whole new conversation – can we, normal people walking the streets and struggling to pay the rent, can WE actually do something? Is it actually up to us to change the planet and not on the big corporation’s shoulders? After all, we are the consumers and we pay for what will be manufactured.

It never made sense to me why our planet continues to die when we have been recycling in Slovenia (and in many countries around the world) for years now and hybrid cars have been a normalcy among so many people. We have bikes to ride around and we are all trying to use as little plastic as we possibly can; I mean, for natures sake, we have been bombarded with all the information about recycling and saving water; how on Earth could our planet be getting worse? Turns out, the cause was really our breakfast, and our lunch, and our dinner, and all the snacks in between. The leading cause of climate change are all the animals we slaughter and eat, all the cows we rape and all the pigs we murder for bacon! Who would have thought that we were lied to and that our presidents, that we so trust in, would betray us like that?

I think I made my point by now, so I truly challenge you to watch Cowspiracy this weekend and open your eyes to the mass extinction we are in right now due to our greed and vanity. We want everything to be for us. Even Earth should bow down and kiss our feet; after all aren’t we THE humans, the ones that made this planet relevant? The ignorance and greed that we humans possess will never cease to amaze me in the worst way possible. Some sadistic part of me wants us all to die and pay for what we have done to this planet, but I love animals too much to see them go extinct due to our ignorance.

Invite your friends over to watch Cowspiracy together or watch it alone, open your eyes and become aware of this horrible phase that we are in, so that you can be inspired to take action and join me on a journey to stop climate change and the slaughter of trillions of animals.

If you want more ideas on what movies and documentaries to watch with a vegan message – here is a whole list I created.

I invite you to come back on Monday and let me know in the comment section what did you think of Cowspiracy and how has this documentary inspired you to change for better and greener. Make sure you follow me on Twitter.


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