What every human should know about animals, nature and plants

I am fascinated by the evolution of all species and how the world came to be, so today I want to share with you a few interesting facts that I think you might find useful, especially if you are learning how to reconnect with nature again.

In my opinion, the greatest thing that you learn about yourself once you start living more according to nature is that we are all related. Everyone on this planet is connected in one way or another and we all share a common ancestor. Yes, even the plants. You share the same relative with broccoli and a banana. Isn’t that beautiful?

Approximately 750 million years after the Earth was formed, life appeared. That is 3.8 billion years ago. We have no idea how the first cell came into being and we don’t know how life originated, but we know for sure that everything we call life evolved from that tiny cell. That single-celled organism was neither plant nor animal itself.

Okay, now let’s get to the interesting facts:

  • Just to clarify, no, we did not evolve from apes. Monkeys, apes, and humans only have a common ancestor, but we did not develop from monkeys.
  • We share about 50% of our genes with a banana. That makes sense because bananas are super healthy for us and I don’t know a single person that doesn’t like bananas.
  • Do you want to know how many species are there on Earth? About 8.7 million is the estimated number – give or take a million – with 6.5 million species on land and 2.2 million species in oceans. Humans are just one species. Do you feel humble yet?
  • Birds evolved from dinosaurs. Yes, just let that sink in. How cool is that?
  • Trees send warning signs to other trees through underground fungi. They also share resources with each other and mother trees may even help the younger ones to adapt to climate change because they have lived longer and experienced the changes themselves and all the knowledge is stored in their DNA. (Suzanne Simard gave a TED Talk about this topic so check her out to learn more.)
  • Research has shown that when humans are exposed to chemicals released by trees known as phytoncides, they have reduced blood pressure, reduced anxiety and even increased expression of anti-cancer proteins.

Do you ever just stand in the middle of the forest in awe of how nature works? She truly is our mother and the way we can give back to her is by respecting her shelter, fruits and the air she gives us. We can give back to her by respecting all of her children and reconnecting with her on a deeper level.

How disconnected are you from your mother? How much do you crave her love and presence? When was the last time you asked her for help? Why did you run away from her?

We are all children of life itself. Even nature that surrounds us has been on the same journey as humans. We were all born. We were all nothing before we got a body. The only difference between our Mother Nature and us, humans, is that she has been here longer. She is wiser. She is more loving. She is more understanding.

But the life in her is not different from the life in you. The life in you is the same as hers; you only live in a different vessel. You have a different experience at the moment, but you both exist in the same space. You both are space.

You are no different than a flower that blooms or a bird that sings. You are no different than a child on the playground and a tree in the mountains. You are all of them.

All animals and plants are brothers and sisters yet children at the same time. I like to think Mother Nature adopted us a long time ago, when she saw how dependent on her we were. She let us use her for fire, food, and shelter. She got angry and taught us lessons through what we call natural disasters and cried when we refused to listen to her warnings. Everything she has done, she did it to help us; to bring us back to life. She nurtured us when we were sick and sang to us when we were dying. She caught our last breath in the wind and spread it around. She never left us.

She continues doing that. She continues teaching us and is fighting us when we rebel, all because she wants to remind us of who we really are. I know it’s difficult when people die due to hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and earthquakes, but it’s her way of reminding us that we are going to destroy ourselves if we don’t stop.

She doesn’t want to harm us. It’s just that we don’t listen. And just like any parent she gets desperate and screams when her children are pretending to be asleep.

She is just a mother.


Mother Nature isn’t forests and oceans, but the wisdom that is living there is. She is not god that we seek in a place behind walls, but the energy that moves through our bodies. We are Mother Nature, but because we lost touch with her, we must go back to our roots to reconnect with her. To reconnect with who we are.

Technology corrupted us. It took away life from our daily lives. We forgot that we are a part of what we call Mother Nature, so we see her as an enemy or a foreigner. But we can all come back to our truth. We only need to drop the walls we built when we escaped from home. When we rebelled against the truth. Because even though we are Mother Nature, we are also humans, and humans are complex species that we created to challenge ourselves.

The point of everything is that we are all one. One family. One life. One world. One cell. One brain. One nature. We just need to stop pretending we aren’t.

We need to come home.

Let me know in the comments which facts you found most interesting and share with me any other interesting facts that I might find interesting.

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What every human should know about animals, nature and plants

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