What is self love and why is everyone talking about it?

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Everyone talks about self-love and how to be more loving towards ourselves, but what is self-love really?

For me, self-love means choosing love every single day.

When I’m eating? I choose to eat with love and food that was prepared with love, no death behind it. When I hang out with friends? I choose to hang out with people who love me and I have a loving relationship with. When I’m speaking? I choose to speak loving words as often as I can, and if I do not choose loving words, I apologize and remind myself to do better next time.

Self-love is for me to act from love. To live life from the place of kindness and compassion. Because when I do loving things, I do loving things for myself. When I speak loving words, I am on the receiving end. It means that I love myself with every decision that I make, every single minute of the day.

If it seems hard, its because it is hard. We have been conditioned to hate ourselves and to attack ourselves – and others. I do not know a single person that practices self-love 24 hours a day, but I do know of people who live consciously and remind themselves to choose love over fear, every time they find themselves judging, hating, or simply having negative thoughts.

It’s not about living a life where you never say a bad word, or you never fight, or you never eat junk food, but about living a life where you are aware. Its all about awareness.

Being aware of the choices we make, helps us choose better in the future.

  • What are some self-loving acts that you could make throughout your day? How can you choose love more often? Are there any triggers that you know you would have to face? How can you be more courageous when dealing with them?
  • Is there anyone in your life that triggers your negative emotions? Is it time to say goodbye to them? Are you willing to let them go? Why are you still letting them be a part of your life?
  • What decisions have you made based on fear? What have they taught you? Why do you think you chose fear?
  • How do you define self-love? What acts of self-love do you think are crucial?

I always repeat in my blog posts, that we must first take care of ourselves and then of others. The way we treat ourselves, we will treat those around us, and if we want to make this world a more compassionate place for all living creatures, we must start with being compassionate towards our own bodies, minds, and hearts.

Loving oneself is not an easy task. But it should also not be a task. It should be our natural state, the way we are towards ourselves at all times, not something that we learn and then do with an unwilling heart, just to get it over with.

But perhaps this is how we should start. Perhaps the best way to self-love is through treating it as a task and doing things for the sake of doing them. What do you think?

We might hate vegetables but since eating them is required if we want to stay healthy, we must learn how to eat them and start eating broccoli and carrots even if we find them disgusting.

This was a chapter from my FREE ebook From Feeling Low to Living Green. You can grab this FREE ebook by clicking here.


What is self love? Let’s talk about it. - Do you ever ask yourself: What is self love? What is that thing that everyone always talks about in the self-help circles? Well, in this chapter from my FREE ebook I break down what self love really is.

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