who cares what other people say

Do you like the song New Light by John Mayer? I got the idea for a title from the song and it’s a great song so maybe this will be a great post. Who knows.

A few months ago I saw someone on the street that broke my heart in teeny-tiny pieces and his absence actually made me realize I had symptoms of BPD (which I talked about here but anyway) so it was kind of good he damaged me so much?!??

Anyway, I thought his presence wouldn’t have any effect on me whatsoever as it has been like two years since I last stood near him and I really worked hard on moving on, you know?

But my heart did beat faster and I was nervous for a few seconds afterwards. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but still bad enough that I thought about it for a few hours after it happened.

As someone who likes to find humor in these type of situations, my mind immediately reminded me that this person looked like a wannabe male German pop star from 2003. If you’d see him that day, you would think that as well.

That made me laugh for a bit, and I joked about it with myself whenever I started to overthink those few seconds of being in the presence of that person.

And then I started to think about other people in my life who hurt me. I saw my aunt that is a total Karen, and my uncle who dresses just like Jeffrey Dahmer would, or my cousin who looks like a middle-aged Russian woman from 2009.

I just got into this spiral of seeing people around me in a fun way. Like, they all look like a meme and memes are funny, and why not make fun of people who are mean with reminding yourself that they look like a meme? Do you get it??

I started to imagine those people judging my choices and scream at me and tell me all the nasty things they said to me in the past but looking like a meme. Suddenly, they were just hilarious and their words were not having any effect on me whatsoever.

Think of how easier life would be if we saw people as memes – because everyone fits into one. Wouldn’t we be healthier in our minds if we would just refuse to accept opinions of Karen’s and Jeff’s and those who look like failed German pop stars?

We would be happier and more comfortable in our skin because we would know that we are all weirdos who judge other people while looking ridiculous ourselves. I say that about me, too! I am a failure at so many things, and I’ve done shit that makes me cringe to this day, and I have no personal style so I dress like I were blind.

I don’t mean to say that we should make fun of how people look, but that when those people are awful people and they are treating us with disrespect, we should do whatever we can to protect ourselves from their poison. Humor can do that!

Will you think about that? You know, about not letting meme-people break your heart and make you feel sad?

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who cares what other people say