The stereotype about angry vegans will never die, will it?

It became such a good excuse to not open your eyes to the cruelty towards other animals.

But if I go with the myth and answer your question about why are vegans so angry and mean, I would answer it like that:

  • Usually what you call anger is just passion that you don’t see because you have decided to rather see vegans as angry and mean people and not passionate fighters for justice.
  • Have you ever asked advocates for women rights and the LGBT community, why are they so angry and loud when they go to streets and demand justice?

The truth is that vegans are not so much angry as they are passionate. We are passionate about opening the eyes of people like you, who are still sleeping, to the oppression other animals are facing as I write this, blind to the destruction of our planet.

Sure, we are angry. Anger puts people on the streets demanding justice and protesting against those who oppress and enslave the innocent. Anger for injustice and racism is what put Martin Luther King Jr on the streets to hold peaceful protests.

But that anger turns into passion really quickly.

So just because it starts with anger it doesn’t always continue like that.

But even if there are vegans who are really angry, why is that so wrong?

Is it wrong to feel angry at the society for normalizing the slaughter of conscious beings who never harmed anyone? Is it wrong to feel angry because people are drinking the milk of a beautiful animal who was forcefully impregnated and had her child taken away? Is it really that wrong to feel angry from time to time?

It is normal to feel angry but what matters is what you do with it, what you use it for. You can either stay in that angry bubble and turn bitter and unhappy, or you can transform it into passion, and spread the message of veganism through everything that you do.

What I hear when I hear you ask why are vegans so angry, is that you feel uncomfortable with having a finger pointed at you. I hear that you feel attacked even though you aren’t being attacked but rather just being exposed to the reality behind the burger you are eating.

You don’t really think that vegans are angry, what you really think is that we are making you feel bad about your choices and you don’t want to feel like that.

It is perfectly normal to want to avoid feeling like we have done something wrong and it is normal to blame others for being too angry or too pushy when they are none of it.

But why feel like vegans are trying to make you feel bad with their angry attitude if you don’t believe you are doing anything wrong?

  • Yes, there are actual angry vegans that stay angry throughout their whole vegan journey and have not stepped over to the passionate side.
  • Yes, there are angry vegans who do mean things, like assault, physically attack or threaten, but that is not the majority and what they are doing is wrong.

The majority of vegans are PASSIONATE about opening the eyes of millions of people who pay for rape and murder of innocent individuals.

So when you say that you have only seen angry vegans, it is highly likely that you have not been able to see a clear line between angry and passionate. And there is a thin line and sometimes the two mix, but the difference between someone punching you in the face and someone showing you a photo of a slaughtered piglet is real and exists.

Did I answer your question about why are vegans so angry and mean?

Let me know in the comment section what your experience has been with vegans so far and how are you able to tell the difference between an angry vegan and a passionate vegan?

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