I hate being called a blogger. It puts me in the same garbage than all the Tumblr so-called bloggers who repost things that someone else wrote and steal photos from the oh-so-old WeHeartIt and post it to look edgy and emo. I know I sound harsh, but nowadays anyone can be called a blogger even if all they do is post photos of Rihanna and praise her music in the description.

This may be blogging but it’s not what I and thousands of other people are doing every day for hours.

Yet that’s how I started (talking both about being a blogger and being on Tumblr) and that’s what I will probably be for a little longer. So let’s get to the effing point of this post, shall we?

The point is that even though anyone can be a blogger in this day and age, not everyone will create something valuable and helpful. Not everyone is going to pour their heart and use their creativity to bring what is needed to the table.

That’s why I believe vegans should start blogging. Because we have so much to bring to the table but many of us are afraid we will not be good enough, or worse, that everything has been said before.

Not true. Nah-ah.

Everyone resonates with a particular person and not one activist will be everyone’s cup of tea. The world needs your voice. Now more than ever (cliche but true).

Vegans should blog because it gives us the opportunity to:

  1. Share the lifestyle from our unique experience. People want to know from individual humans how being vegan affects them and not from corporations that are just doing it to sell something. If we, individuals, try to sell our lifestyle to the people, we must actually be living it ourselves and do it in the best way we can.
  2. Connect to those who relate to us. Many of you probably think that you have nothing to share, that you are not special enough to have people relate to you, but I am here to remind you that each one of us has a different story of how we started, what opened our eyes and what resources helped us transition. All of that makes you and me relatable to those who may have a similar personality to us. Not everyone will listen to a far-left feminist or a conservative Christan, so I am here to speak from my experience to those who are in the middle and just want someone to stop relying on either feelings or faith but look at the science and the statistics.
  3. It’s good for our well being to write. Expressing yourself will help you get clear on things that might not be obvious to you. For example, writing helped me realize that I should probably step up my workout game and get serious about it so that I can encourage others to do it more often. It also helped me realize that I was not happy writing just about other animals, but I wanted to share about my struggles with anxiety and depression, too, as this will happy those who want to go vegan but have mental illnesses that might keep them from doing it

I started to blog in December 2014. My website back then was called DailyElfs (don’t ask it’s a long story behind the name) and it gave me my own place on the internet.

I changed quite a few things in the last four years but one thing has stayed – I write about what I find most interesting.

It’s my home. When you visit my website you visit me at my home. You see what I am reading, what I eat, you hear what I think and you see what aesthetically pleases me. I create it just the way I like it.

And so can you.

So should you.

You should blog because people need someone like you to tell them they can do it. There are people out there who are craving someone like you to open their doors and welcome them in their mansion.

You should blog because veganism needs people of all backgrounds to spread its message (does that sound too religious? Fuck).

If you are a black Jewish conservative lesbian, well fuck, you better start writing about how you live your vegan lifestyle because there are people who are just like you and have no freaking idea how to do it.

There are almost 8 billion people in the world and you are telling me that no one would read what you have to say? That you have no audience? That you have no target to aim at? You have a few thousand, at least, people who need you – who are craving you.

Okay, but how do you start?

By getting clear on what you want to write about and for who. You are writing for someone, to help someone, so you better know your who.

My who? New vegans who want to create a mindful vegan lifestyle and long-term vegans who simply want honest tips on self-care. I have two targets but they go hand in hand.

I got my hands on every single free online course there ever was on the topic of blogging, but I do have two people who I honestly believe can help you start a blog in 2018 – because 2018 is way different than 2014. 4 years different and that’s a lot in the blogging world.

These two ladies know how to build a website that has an impact on the readers and that creates a positive effect on the lives of those who visit it.

Oh, you want to know my tips for building a blog that has actual people who read it?

  • Be honest about most things but not about everything. Yes, you will regret making that huge rant about that topic that gets you all riled up – we all do, well, most of us do.
  • Don’t be too obsessed with the details. Your website won’t look ugly forever and you will be always improving something.
  • Start an email list and offer something valuable. I wrote an eBook that I wanted to sell on Amazon for 5€ and since I knew no one would buy it because I had no email list I started giving it out for free and now I have people on my email list. Mind-blowing.
  • Choose two social media platforms and solely focus on growing them. I am obsessed with growing my Instagram and Pinterest so I temporarily closed my Twitter a few days ago because it was too distracting and only brought 5 people on my website… a month. (Hi, it’s me from 2019 and I am back on Twitter so follow me please.)

I wrote about blogging already so here are more tips from me if you need them:

It took me four years to start seeing the results of my hard work and it was so worth it. Now I have actual people who DM me on Insta to tell me how much they liked what I wrote in my latest post.

I have thousands of people on my website every month, and yes, I do want to brag because I worked so hard to get here and yet I am still not earning anything with my writing and I am still just a small blogger.

It takes so much effort and hard work but it’s so worth it because people are learning from me. They are seeing what works for me and they are trying it out for themselves.

They know that I am honest and real. They know that they can trust me because I have earned their trust. So start blogging because people need your perspective and other animals need you to speak up for them.

But before you go, let me know if you think that blogging is an effective form of animal rights activism? And why are you interested in blogging?


p.s. – Be a good human and follow me on Instagram, will ya?