What I wish people knew about vegans

When people think about vegans, they often get the image of someone pushy and angry. They talk about how vegans are so preachy and how vegans don’t respect their way of living (and eating). Today I will try to explain to you if you are one of those animal eaters that thinks that way about vegans, why sometimes we are the way we are, and why you should shut the hell up about respecting your habits. Yes, today I will write that angry post, that angry vegan post that I was waiting to get out of me for a while.

If you are open-minded and wish to hear the other side, please read until the end and try not to get too offended before reading the whole thing.

Here we go.

When you ask me to respect your choice to eat dead animals, you are asking me to respect murder and oppression. You are asking me to respect slaughter and violence. A long time ago, the way we speak and think about animals, was a normal way to speak and think about people. People used to be enslaved, treated as a nobody and thought to not have been human – all because they were of different color, class or religion. The Irish were enslaved, black people were enslaved, and Jews were enslaved. They were slaves to those who could not see that we are all one. One life.

Respect is earned, NOT given.

Those of you, who hate to see animal oppression and slavery being compared to human oppression and slavery, act similarly to those people who used to think that about each other. You are probably angry at me for saying that, but to billions of animals, we are all the devil (you know what I mean). You and me. I used to be the devil too; to some beings I still am. Maybe that’s why so many people seek religion – to escape from the truth. The devil is not in hell, he is inside all of us.

You see, a pig and you came from the same source. You share the same relative (from millions of years ago) with a cow, a bird and an ant. We all came from ONE source.

You may think you are better than a cow, simply for knowing math and being able to build a house, but deep down you are equal to a cow. You are vulnerable. Being a human doesn’t make you more capable of loving another being, it doesn’t make you less prone to dying if an asteroid hits Earth, and it doesn’t make you a being that nature will protect. You are a human.

You are a human.

You are selfish by nature.

You cannot fly and you cannot jump high.

You don’t have claws and sharp teeth.

You would die if you’d eat a bleeding, recently killed zebra. You’d get poisoned.

You cannot escape a lion; even a cat can outrun you.

You are vulnerable.

And because you are vulnerable, you are easily led to believe that you are better than someone else.

It’s in your nature to protect yourself from being equal to someone who is weak. A shrimp is weak, an ant is weak, and a mouse is weak. They are all weak when facing humans. That’s the reason you pay others to kill a pig or a cow; you were lead to believe that pigs are dirty and that cows are fat. You were programmed by society to believe that animals are less than us because our selfish human gene made us develop a line between the poor and the wealthy; weak and strong; humans and non-humans.

We want to be better. We want to rule. We want to be the main species; because we are vulnerable.

If we would admit that an ant shares something with us (evolution), we would admit that an ant has the right to be on this planet in the same way as we do. That would mean we weren’t powerful; because ants are not powerful. We stomp on the ants and think we are more deserving of being alive as if size made a difference. I don’t see ants bombing European cities. I don’t see ants raping infants.

Evolution is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened on Earth (all you religious freaks, piss off will you) and it created our home. Without millions of species that live on our beautiful planet in space, it wouldn’t be that special. It would be like looking at Mars and wanting to go there, but knowing it won’t be quite that special as it would be if there would be aliens. (Although I do believe there are/were aliens on Mars. I actually kind of believe we originally come from Mars, but that’s not the point.)

We are excited when NASA announces new exoplanets that they’ve found but it always leads to quiet disappointment when we know they cannot possibly know whether or not those planets have a life.

Evolution means that we all came from one single cell. One organism. One life.

One life.

We all came from one ancestor. We are related to plants, mate. We are star stuff, as Carl Sagan would say.

All of us.

Go ahead, judge me. Judge me for not respecting your habits. But judge yourself too; judge yourself for supporting rape of dairy cows and foxes for fur; judge yourself for paying people to murder living creatures; judge yourself for thinking I am wrong for not wanting to treat animals as lesser beings; judge yourself for looking at your cat and thinking he is more special than a piglet.

Judge me, but look at yourself too. Look at yourself and how much you are harming others. You think I am crazy and you judge me but if your eyes wouldn’t be closed, you would see how your actions resemble actions of those who saw a black child and thought he wasn’t human.

But they are animals, you say. They are animals, you crazy vegans.

Yes, they are animals.

But so are you.

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