worst vegan advice

The worst vegan advice I’ve ever received went something like that: We must sacrifice our well being to save other animals. It doesn’t matter if you are suffering because they are suffering more.

Basically, they called everyone a selfish person and a fake vegan for wanting to take time away from the chaos and just relax.

I listened for some time. I was blogging like crazy, constantly creating content and felt guilty if I skipped a day or dared to watch a movie that wasn’t about veganism and suffering animals. I was pushing myself to do everything I thought was necessary and I didn’t go a day without seeing graphic footage of someone being murdered.

I didn’t last for too long, though, as I was becoming miserable and with darkness already in my head, this extra heaviness was just too much to carry with me. I had to stop and allow myself to be human and imperfect.

That brings us to the best vegan advice I’ve ever received. This one comes from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and it’s her famous motto that she repeats often.

Don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything. Do something. Anything.

This kind of goes against what I was doing, right? It’s not like I wasn’t doing anything, I was doing everything I thought I possibly could and then some more. I was pushing myself over the limit and my mind was spinning like crazy.

These beautiful words by CPG reminded me that I will never be able to do everything but that I can do something. Anything.

I slowly stopped feeling like I had to do more because some people weren’t doing anything. I only had to do my part and encourage others to do theirs. That was my only homework and I had to start doing it.

Now, I want to turn to you and remind you of how much you can do for other animals. Don’t do nothing and don’t try to do everything, just do your part, love. Do whatever you can and don’t judge your actions based on their size – sometimes the smallest of them create the biggest of change.

If you want to get a few ideas on how to help other animals, here is one of my favourite lists I came up with. I hope you find something and that it brings you value!


worst vegan advice