Today I will talk about why it is okay for you, as a vegan, to buy meat for your animals.

buy meat

I get really upset when I see some vegans promote a plant based diet for their cats or dogs. Look, I understand that you don’t want to buy meat anymore, but if you have animals in your family – you have to. If you are a vegan and you promote a plant based diet for companion animals, please step back and take better care of your animal’s health.

Cats are carnivores. Dogs can be plant based if done right. Now, let’s not use the word vegan when talking about the animals because animals cannot be vegan. They will kill and they will not be sorry for doing so. Cats cannot be plant based because they need meat to survive. Just like you wouldn’t try to make a tiger or a lion eat plant based instead of hunt animals, you shouldn’t expect your cat to go vegan. No, its not a tiger but it is a cat and cats need meat.

Dogs on the other hand can (in most cases) be plant based. I wouldn’t recommend you do it without talking to the vet first, of course. Our Chuck is 70% plant based; he eats meat based food about twice a week and he gets (or steals) a bone every 5 months. His health has improved when he started to eat more plant based foods and he seems to like it. (He had problems with his eyes; they are still not completely clear, they probably never will be, but they are much better now.) When I say plant based, I mean that he eats potatoes and pasta most of the time; not green salad or carrots alone. When it comes to fruit he eats most things that dogs arent supposed to eat, according to some websites, but after 7 years he is super healthy and obviously he knows his body best.

I too don’t like seeing lions kill an antelope but I understand that that’s how life works. They are the true carnivores who hunt their food. Look, gorillas don’t need to eat animals to be strong – and we accept that – but your cute little kitten does. You cannot punish the cat for having to buy meat for her – that’s how she is built and if you cannot accept that not all animals can be vegan – shame on you, really.

I don’t have much to say on this topic anymore.

Live in peace and be the change you wish to see in the world (not said by Gandhi but still a good way to live by).

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p.s. – if you are interested in adopting a dog, make sure you read this post before.

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