going vegan in 2019

Can you believe it’s almost 2019? I know, everyone is asking this question but it’s true. I love how surprised we all seem to be by time and how quickly it flies.

Since it is December and this whole New-Year-resolution thing is going on, I want to help you with a few helpful resources if you are considering going vegan in 2019 and if you need help.

I gathered a few of my posts to help you in different areas and phases of transitioning to veganism.

Here is the first pack of resources for when you are still considering whether or not going vegan in 2019 is for you:

Here is the second pack of resources for those first two weeks of being vegan and feeling confused and lost af:

Here is the third pack of resources for when you are already feeling good and confident but still crave more tips and tricks that will help you:

The best parts of going vegan are those first few months when you are exploring all the new brands and recipes. They are challenging, yes, but they are also fun and exciting.

I am sending you lots of love,


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going vegan in 2019