your ego

Are you one of those people that make fun of Android users (like me)?

By that I mean, are you an immature prick that puts a lot of value on how rich people think you are?

If yes, this post is written for you.

Listen, I get it. I think Jobs and Wozniak created an incredible product that used to represent something. They started in a garage and broke all the rules when they disrupted the whole industry.

Having an Apple product meant something. It was made for a specific group of people who held the same values as the company did, but it’s not like that anymore.

Now, having an Apple means you are something better. You are rich and don’t mind dropping a 1000€ on a phone every year that is made to break. It became this status symbol that makes your ego grow bigger and bigger.

The biggest environmentalists get excited about new phones and products every year when the one they purchased just 12 months ago is in perfect condition. Their ego is stronger than their values, or at least their beliefs.

Not only is this brand making people think they are somehow better than those who don’t have an Apple product – and let’s face it, most people who have it are broke and can’t pay for water – but it is brainwashing them into thinking they need new things regularly.

I wonder if this would be different if Steve were still alive as he was a minimalist and cared about quality over quantity. Sadly, whoever took over the company forgot what the founders wanted for the brand.

What I mean by telling you all of this is that there comes a time when you have to ask yourself: Do I care more about making people have a fake idea of who I am based on the brand of my phone, or do I care about being good to my mother?

The only phone that I had where I thought to have that brand made me somehow better than others was my beloved Blackberry I bought from my aunt when I was 13. It was my pride and joy as it looked cool and I used it for more than 7 years! Yes, I loved it that much.

After that, I realized that no matter how good the brand was – and Blackberry was pretty popular back then – I still believed whole-heartedly that the only brand that deserves the praise was a big chunky Nokia I had as a young kid. 

Let’s be honest, Nokia is the best phone one can have and it will last you for a lifetime. But it is not cool to have one, it doesn’t look pretty and it is not thin.

I’m not shaming you if you have an Apple, because it’s just a brand and I’m sure they are great phones (except they break fairly easily).

I just want you to consider how much better you would feel in your heart if you stopped buying a new phone every year knowing that you still have one that works and you are not contributing to this craze with materialism.

If the phone breaks or stops working, go ahead and buy a new one if you can’t stand second-hand phones, but be mindful of what you are contributing to.

Mother Earth is your home and she is only one. While there will be millions of new phones to come and I too love technology, I know that I am much happier if I have clean air than if I have a new phone.

Just think about it. Think about what you believe in, what you value, why you really want an Apple phone (or some other popular brand), and if that is going to bring you joy and peace (honestly, you just need to meditate to feel that).

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your ego