ZOO: Vegan or not? Why is it cruel?

ZOO: Vegan or not? Why is it cruel?

As a child I absolutely loved going to the ZOO and observing animals with love in my heart; at one point I remember I even wanted to work there and be surrounded by animals all day long.

I have tons of photos from my childhood that my parents took of me at the ZOO. I remember photos of me and my mum posing in front of a big white tent that had chained elephants in it. I was smiling and feeling happy because I had the chance of seeing those majestic animals with my own eyes.

Until I became a vegan I didn’t really know what was going on. Sure I stopped going to the ZOO a few years ago, but veganism opened my eyes and taught me a lot about what is going on behind closed doors of ZOOs and aquariums around the world.

I made a mistake of going to the terrarium while being vegetarian and learning about veganism back in 2014, and I haven’t realized what I have done until I came out of this dark place that had big snakes and fish locked in little cages in a dark room with no windows and natural light. Thankfully I didn’t have to pay but could look around for free.

We love to use the excuse of wanting to learn about the animals and that they are safer when they are locked inside the cages at the ZOO. But we are forgetting a few very important points:

  • If animals are in danger or could not be let out in their natural habitat, we can easily have them in a sanctuary where they are not an attraction for profit and their environment is healthier than a silver cage with no space to run around.
  • Making a profit out of a being that is chained, drugged and trained is not ethical and would be immediately stopped if it was done to humans (yes, I am aware that those things are still happening in the world, but we are actually doing something to stop it). Animals are not here to entertain us or to be exploited for people that just want a photo with a tiger or a zebra.
  • We have never actually seen a live dinosaur, but we are studying them and are interested in them to the point that every two years there is a new dinosaur movie out. We do not have to kidnap and cage an animal to learn about her or have her for an entertainment and profit.

Being a vegan means being ethical, and if you want to learn more about ethical veganism I would like to invite you to read one of my previous articles on that topic. Being a vegan is about compassion and doing as little harm to any being as we possibly can. We are not perfect but we do not do something just because we can.

There is no excuse for the things we do to our fellow beings on this planet. Going to the ZOO should be put on your never-to-do list immediately.

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How about you? Are you still supporting cages? Why or why not?


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