Day: January 27, 2022

Can conservative and progressive vegans coexist?

Conservative and progressive vegans MUST coexist because that is the only way we will see true animal liberation. How can we avoid another pandemic if we are at war? How can we save trillions of fish if we are too busy calling each other Nazis and racists? How can we do anything if…

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Tips for busy vegans (who want to stay healthy).

Hello, my fellow busy vegans. For the very first time in my life, I am experiencing how it feels to wake up at 4 to be ready for the train at 6. And then spend working really, really hard for the next few hours until I get to go home, take care of…

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5 tips for a small-town vegan.

For the past decade and a half, I’ve been living in a town with a few thousand people. When I went vegan seven years ago, plant-based milk and other alternatives were nowhere to be found. I’m not kidding. My town was full of animal products and if I wanted an alternative, I had…

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